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WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc.

Industry News
WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc.

WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc.

WorldWide Electric’s strategic acquisition of North American Electric, Inc. combines two leading customer-centric organizations to create an unparalleled customer experience across the industrial market for electric motors, motor controls, gear reducers and generators.

WorldWide Electric Corporation is excited to announce the acquisition of North American Electric, Inc. The synergies created by this landmark acquisition places WorldWide Electric among the top-tier companies within its markets. It also reinforces WorldWide Electric’s priority of providing its customers the industry’s best service along with adding world-class in-house motor control panel manufacturing capability.

Both companies embrace customer-centricity as a substantial competitive advantage — each provides high-touch, accessible sales support and application expertise, in-stock inventory, excellent distribution channels, and a broad offering of industrial products. WorldWide Electric President and CEO James Taylor describes the acquisition as a significant win for the customers of both organizations. ” We are thrilled to welcome North American Electric’s Team into the WorldWide Electric family. Our shared sense of customer service and the similarities between our two companies will improve the buying experience.” Taylor added, “We will adopt best practices across our business to continue to provide the highest level of service and the same high-quality products.”

WorldWide Electric Corporation Announces the Acquisition of North American Electric, Inc.Since 1993, North American Electric has grown its business and reputation by offering its customers competitively priced electric motors, motor controls and gearing. North American Electric operates a world-class UL508A certified facility for motor controls production at their headquarters in Hernando, Mississippi. David Hackman, Co-founder and President of North American Electric, described the value it brings to WorldWide Electric: “WorldWide Electric recognizes our strengths — exceptional customer service along with the critical technical support and training required for customer success. Adding additional incremental manufacturing capabilities to WorldWide’s portfolio will make custom control panels and packaged solutions available with best-in-class lead times — a value proposition other prominent manufacturers will have difficulty competing against.”

With the acquisition of North American Electric, WorldWide Electric is adding to its overall capabilities and market presence. For 25 years, it has been a leading provider of electric motors, motor controls, and gear reducers. This is WorldWide Electric’s fourth acquisition in as many years, including: Louis Allis, a company with a rich history and over 100 years of experience manufacturing and servicing large, custom AC and DC electric motors, Georator Corporation frequency convertors and generators, and Gleason- Avery, a manufacturer of quality fractional and sub-fractional gear motors. As WorldWide Electric continues to evolve, these strategic acquisitions underscore its commitment to growth while maintaining customer centricity in a competitive landscape and offering a comprehensive suite of products and services that meet the diverse needs of its customers.

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