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Wind Turbine OEM Overcomes Challenges With Altra Renewables

Altra Industrial Motion
Altra Renewables Overcomes Wind Turbine OEM Challenges

Wind Turbine OEM Overcomes Challenges With Altra Renewables

Wind turbine OEMs are feeling the pressure of the global transition to renewable energy. With manufacturers requiring innovative power transmission solutions to maximize power generation uptime and easy access to reliable, relying on multiple suppliers is not the optimum approach.

With decades of experience in wind energy, Altra Renewables and its brands offer wind turbine OEMs proven power transmission solutions from a single source.

Wind Power Capacity Increase

The move to a low-carbon future has seen rapid expansion in the size of offshore and onshore wind turbines and power generation. 114 GW of wind capacity was installed globally in 2020(1) to meet increasing demand. To support this, wind turbine OEMs need to deliver designs that provide the utmost in reliability. A key factor in achieving this is the performance of power transmission components and sub-assemblies. With reliable solutions, wind turbine OEMs can maximize uptime of turbines and help operators to produce more green energy to meet demand.

Challenges for OEMs

As well as supporting high demand, the desire to increase power generation capacity means wind turbine designs are getting larger, with OEMs required to overcome engineering challenges to meet this trend. This places pressure on Tier 1 power transmission suppliers to offer innovative, future-proof solutions to enable these new, larger turbine designs.

Wind turbines are complex, which can consequently translate into a convoluted supply chain for OEMs. For example, one turbine alone can feature 20 yaw brake calipers. Sourcing a multitude of key assemblies and components from varying suppliers can be confusing, time-consuming, and costly for procurement departments. Furthermore, ordering from different suppliers doesn’t guarantee interoperability and reliability between sub-assemblies. Reliability must be at the forefront of any design process, as operators are relying on it to achieve reliable uptime and to maximize return on investment (ROI).

A single source for power transmission

Featuring leading brands Ameridrives, Stromag, Svendborg Brakes, Twiflex and Warner ElectricAltra Renewables offers proven power transmission components and assemblies for wind turbine OEMs. All established Tier 1 suppliers, all brands are ready to support OEMs globally.

With high-performance brakes, controls, couplings, hydraulic power units (HPUs), cooling systems, limit switches, rotor locks, and other motion control products available from a single partner; Altra Renewables’ customers can greatly simplify supply chains, saving time and cost. With each brand an established manufacturer in its own right, the production capacity is available to deliver high quantities of components and assemblies for large-scale production lines from multiple global plant locations.

Innovation, reliability and interoperability

Products from Altra Renewable’s offer exceptional interoperability. This allows OEMs to specify a complete power transmission package from one trusted partner. As a result, reliability is greatly improved. A further benefit is that this simplifies sourcing spares and maintenance work for operators down the line.

A culture of innovation across Altra Renewables means that cutting-edge power transmission products are available to support the new advanced wind turbine designs. Engineers from all brands can collaborate with OEMs during the prototyping process, fast-tracking projects and delivering tailored solutions for customers, further fostering innovation.

With an extensive power transmission capability, Altra Renewables provides a single point of access for proven, innovative solutions for wind turbines. Relying on a Tier 1 supplier such as this, OEMs can maximize power generation capacity whilst safe in the knowledge that reliability will not be compromised.

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