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Why AI-Powered Pumps Help Businesses Save Money and Extend Equipment Life

Pumps & Operations
Why AI-Powered Pumps Help Businesses Save Money and Extend Equipment Life

Why AI-Powered Pumps Help Businesses Save Money and Extend Equipment Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of numerous products. The technology is beneficial to industrial business owners who want to conserve resources and save money. An AI pump that provides real-time information could significantly increase visibility. Industrial leaders might also invest in a smart pumping system to save money and prevent premature equipment failure. Here are some compelling reasons why these products are becoming more popular.

Increased Awareness

A smart pumping system could be a practical way for decision-makers to better understand what’s happening within a facility or on a piece of equipment at any time. Many such products offer remote monitoring features, allowing people to receive valuable and actionable statistics, even if they’re far away from a pump’s location.

For example, an AI pump might show abnormal vibration frequencies, prompting further investigations. A vibration occurring at an extremely high frequency could indicate a high-pressure leak, the early signs of a casting or piping fault and more. Then, mid-to-high-frequency vibrations could happen because of impeller or drive motor problems.

Thus, getting specific vibrational frequency details enables faster troubleshooting. When people can supervise a pump’s performance from wherever they are, they’ll get alerts of issues sooner, which could prolong equipment life span and reduce repair costs.

Continued Compliance

Purchasing an AI pump could be especially advantageous for people working in industries that must operate to meet stringent regulations and uphold safety precautions. For example, people selecting pumps used in the oil and gas industry must choose the appropriate sizes to ensure the expected performance and prevent premature wear. The sector also uses casing and tubing with outer diameters ranging from 2-⅜ inches to 20 inches, depending on the specific application.

An AI pump may have self-correction features that reduce the likelihood of problems that could catch the attention of industry regulators or result in costly problems for the affected companies. Some send push notifications to users when certain parameters are outside expected ranges.

Then, there are few or no opportunities for situations to get out of control and risk people or property.

Most AI pumps also connect to smartphone apps, allowing people to make adjustments and receive updates throughout the day. That increased oversight keeps companies in compliance, even within industries with numerous inherent dangers or complexities.

Reduced Energy Use

Many of today’s business leaders and consumers are becoming more aware of how individual actions collectively contribute to better sustainability by curbing unnecessary resource usage. Similarly, people have begun exploring solar-powered water pumps to use renewable resources. A smart pumping system could support sustainability efforts, too.

In one case, building managers installed smart HVAC pumps. The combination of that equipment and an accompanying asset management app gave excellent results. That strategic change resulted in up to 87% less energy consumed per year.

Depending on the application, an AI pump might periodically turn on and off instead of running constantly. Alternatively, people might look at the data from a smart pumping system to find instances of excessive energy consumption. It could show that a component will soon fail or help them justify replacing an aging piece of equipment with a more energy-efficient option.

Consider an AI Pump or Smart Pumping System

These are some of the many reasons why using AI-enabled pumps in industrial environments makes good business sense. They give people better oversight and control, allowing them to take quick action when noticing abnormalities or areas for improvement.

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