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WEFTEC 2024: A Gateway To Innovation and Networking In The Water Sector

Industry News

WEFTEC 2024: A Gateway To Innovation and Networking In The Water Sector

WEFTEC 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the water sector with networking and educational opportunities at every turn.

The 2024 WEFTEC Exhibition is outpacing last year’s square footage by 13%. And is 21% ahead of the last time WEFTEC was hosted in New Orleans. To date, more than 800 exhibitors have signed up and the remaining space is running low.

Dive Into the Future of Water Technology

When you attend WEFTEC 2024, you will find yourself in a world of cutting-edge innovations. The event, especially the exhibition, lets operators, engineers, project managers, and everyone else connect with the people who develop and build equipment and services. Hear technology leaders and pioneers provide their take on the latest advancements and trends in the sector.

Engage with interactive displays and hands-on demonstrations that bring the functionalities of new technologies to life. This is your chance to learn from the experts—ask questions, participate in live demos, and gain a deeper understanding of the tools and technologies driving the water sector forward.

Maximize Your Time

With so many exhibitors and so much to see, good planning will ensure you find what you’re seeking and get the answers to the challenges you’ve come to WEFTEC to solve. Use the WEFTEC 2024 Exhibitor Listing to find the specific exhibitors you want to meet. You can search by key topics, locations within the exhibition, exhibitor headquarters location, as well as a full keyword search.

Potential Exhibitors: Act Quickly to Secure Your Spot

If you’re considering exhibiting, act quickly. The near-capacity status of the venue underscores the high demand and pivotal role WEFTEC plays in the water sector. Exhibiting at WEFTEC places your innovations on a global stage, allowing you to connect with thousands of potential clients and partners who are eager to explore new solutions.

“We’re pumped to be hitting up WEFTEC this October! It’s all about getting back to our roots, shaking hands, and swapping stories with our hardworking reps and dealers who’ve been right there with us in the trenches, serving up solutions for the wastewater sector,” said Christina Rumbel, Marketing Coordinator for both Force Flow and Halogen Valve Systems Inc.

“And let’s not forget about all the folks out there on the front lines, getting their hands dirty and keeping things flowing smoothly. Whether you’ve been using our equipment for years or you’re just getting your feet wet with our scales and shutoff systems, we’re stoked to meet you, hear your stories, and make sure we’re still hitting the mark with our tools of the trade. See you at the show!”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this expansive network. Secure your booth today and start planning your exhibit hall strategy to capitalize on the extensive reach and influence of WEFTEC 2024.

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