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Watts Announces Syncta Backflow Test Management Software


Watts is pleased to announce Syncta, a comprehensive Backflow Test Management application. This cloud-based software is the only solution available that solves the common problems of everyone involved in the backflow life cycle: water purveyors, backflow testers, and property owners.

Syncta makes backflow test reporting and submission 10x faster than completing paperwork manually.

Using the cloud-based mobile solution, customers can do all of the following and more:

• Access all customer and device information from anywhere on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop

• Submit test results using water purveyor-required forms to ensure acceptance

• Increase efficiency with features including automated reminders, online scheduling, route optimization, and more.

With Syncta’s management tool, customers can spend less time filing paperwork and more time growing their business. “Syncta users average 11 additional tests per week,” according to Roberto Vengoechea, Senior Vice President of Fluid Solutions at Watts.

For a 30-day free trial or for more information, go to Syncta.com.

About Watts

Founded in 1874, Watts designs, manufactures, and sells an extensive line of flow control, water safety, water filtration & treatment, and drainage products for the commercial, residential, and institutional markets. For more information, visit www.watts.com .


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