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Hydra-Cell / Wanner Engineering Lowers Maintenance Costs and Provides “Pulse-free” Flow

Oil & Gas
Hydra-Cell® Lowers Maintenance Costs and Provides “Pulse-free” Flow

Hydra-Cell / Wanner Engineering Lowers Maintenance Costs and Provides “Pulse-free” Flow

A major petrochemical company that produces thermoplastic resins was using two different brands of conventional metering pumps to dose butane and methanol in a cooling process. Annual maintenance costs were $120,000, and delivery times for replacement parts could take up to six months. Transporting the pumps to the workshop was also difficult because they were so large.

Hydra-Cell® Lowers Maintenance Costs and Provides “Pulse-free” Flow

Pump Model: D10EKBTSFHHA
Flow Capacity: 5.3 gpm (20 l/min)
Pressure Rating: 345 psi (23.8 bar)
Application: Dosing butane and methanol
for cooling.

Hydra-Cell D10/G10 pumps replaced the metering pumps and have provided reliable performance. Maintenance costs average only $3,000 per year, and the compact design makes the D10/G10 easy to service. With its hydraulically balanced, multiple diaphragms, Hydra-Cell also provides smooth, linear, virtually pulse-free flow without pulsation dampeners. Another benefit is that Hydra-Cell produces the same flow rates and pressures with a lower horsepower motor, so energy costs are also significantly lower.

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