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Hydra-Cell® Contains Fugitive Emissions for Gas Processing

Oil & Gas
Wanner Hydra-Cell® Contains Fugitive Emissions for Gas Processing

Hydra-Cell® Contains Fugitive Emissions for Gas Processing

By: Wanner

A major natural gas processing company extracts heavier and more valuable hydrocarbon components as a mixed NGL stream. In a process known as fractionation, these parts are then separated further for end-use sale. The NGL products include propane, normal butane, isobutene, natural gasoline, and other primary products such as ethylene and propylene.

The pumps are centrally located to accept hydrocarbons from the fractionation towers and transfer into storage for eventual shipment by truck or pipeline. The cut-off measure for fugitive emissions is 500
ppm in the vapor space surrounding the pumps. The previous triplex reciprocating pumps could not be properly sealed from fugitive emissions.

Wanner Hydra-Cell® Contains Fugitive Emissions for Gas Processing

Pump Model: T100ERSGHFESBS x 2
Flow Rate: up to 95 gpm (360 l/min)
Discharge Pressure: up to 910 psi (63 bar)
Application: High-pressure transfer of various hydrocarbons.

The company then installed two Hydra-Cell T100 models. Its compact footprint saves valuable space, and the seal-less design contains the fugitive emissions. Due to high pressure in the lines, the pumps are isolated using pneumatic-actuated valves when not in use. A custom heat blanket (Class 1, Div. 2 rated) with thermostatic controls keeps the hydraulic end of the pump at 40 ̊F (5 ̊C).

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