Using Spot Welding Equipment Requires Training

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Donald Ernest Using Spot Welding Equipment Requires Training

Using Spot Welding Equipment Requires Training

Spot welding equipment can be used by one only after some training. Some equipment is more complex to use so it is best to learn more about the various processes before you experiment with the welding. The resistance welding machines are the most well-known due to their somewhat low price. These apply solder force with a lever action. If the arms are not aligned right, the tips may skid. The machines that are the vertical-action press-type do not have this problem and are used when you need a nice-looking, no mark surface.

To some, the spot welding process seems simple but actually, it is not. It is more or less like a formula. You have to use the right force and the right amount of heat for the right amount of time to get the desired results. There are several settings on a spot welding machine and when you learn how to fine-tune each setting you can have the best outcome.

There are readily available charts that can be used to check the recommended settings for secondary amps, current flow time and weld force. This way you can weld all types of sheet metal of various thicknesses with ease. When you use the right weld force you can get good joints by using a high heat setting with short weld duration.

If you are using a small machine to weld a thick sheet of metal, you will have to use a low force with longer weld duration. This can result in high surface marking while a larger area of the metal gets heated. There is a shortage of skilled labor in the field of spot welding these days.  If you can find yourself a guru to teach you all the ins and outs of the various weld processes you can be an expert in just a few weeks.

If you look online, you can find some training courses in your city. The American Welding Society (AWS) is a good source of information. They also offer a manual on resistance welding that you may want to buy. It is a good idea to take up one of the eight certification courses offered by AWS.

After you are trained and certified you will need to select the right welding machine.  The machine you choose for spot welding needs to give you strong welds. There are 3 types of welds: Class A, Class B, and Class C.  Class A welds are meant for use for critical applications. In case such a weld fails it can cause the failure of a system, or a major component, or loss of control and so forth. It can also pose a risk to human health and life itself. When a Class B weld fails it can affect the efficiency of a system or a function, but it does not endanger human life. With a Class C weld failure, the system and the personnel are never endangered.

When the machine functions and makes Class A welds you need to have at least 25 percent of the existing amperage and force range in reserve. Many companies are not able to choose the right equipment for their projects. There are experts in the field that can give you the right advice. There are many online distributors that you can contact when you decide to buy a spot welder. They will ask you questions like the types of material you need to weld and at what speed you need to operate the machine. You need to always size the machine to your welding needs. Equipment that is too large or too small can create problems.

The spot welders that feature mid-frequency direct-current (MFDC) three-phase inverter power supplies are now more popular than the single-phase AC machine. These offer more advantages and use less power to function. If you have an old machine you can add new features to it so it gives you better performance.  There are companies on the market that can add new programmable controls to your old equipment. You will also need a reading gauge to measure the actual weld force between the tips.

The spot welding equipment made by AVIO has all the smart features a modern user looks for. The equipment is very affordable when you buy it online. Buying from a local company is better as you can always get your money back if you are not happy with the purchase. All equipment is backed by warranties and you get after sales support as well. When you choose the spot welder it is good to test it before you part with your money. Most sellers will give you a free test weld, so you feel comfortable with your purchase. They will also teach you how to take care of the equipment.

Author Bio:

Donald Ernest has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has worked on welding projects for 20+ years and likes writing on welding equipment and services.


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