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Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency with UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter

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UE Controls Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency with UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter

Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency with UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter

For a long time, process transmitters have been the only game in town when it comes to measuring devices in Instrumented Protective Systems (IPS). However, most brands of process transmitters today are dependent on logic solvers (like PLCs) and therefore do not have the diversity or physical separation recommended by the latest safety standards to reduce issues like common cause failure, common mode failure, and dependent failure. Simply adding a redundant similar device like an ordinary process transmitter means your workplace is still at risk of systemwide failure.

Enter UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter. The One Series Safety Transmitter represents a breakthrough in workplace safety and efficiency in three major ways: diversity in its design, independence in its process, and simplicity in its systematic capabilities.

Diversity In Its Design

UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter features diversity even at its board or “element” level, per the robust requirements of the latest IEC 61508. This means that your safety instrumented system is protected from weak links right down to the IC chips, board layout, and sensor signal processing.

The meticulousness of its design makes the One Series Safety Transmitter the best option on the market for detecting faults using automatic self-diagnostics, and we have the numbers to back it up. The One Series Safety Transmitter has earned a Safe Failure Fraction of 98.8%, the highest among manufacturers of generic or safety certified transmitters for pressure, differential pressure, and temperature. The FMEDAs (Failure, Mode, Effects, and Diagnostic Analysis) show that competitors’ SFF scores are significantly lower and their Internal Fault Detection Times are significantly higher, ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour, worst case. This is a long time to report a fault, especially considering that UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter reports faults in a mere 6 seconds, worst case.

Its hardware reliability and systematic capability also make proof tests easier and more efficient than ever. The One Series Safety Transmitter will perform scans for faults and out-of-spec parameters on its own every 6 seconds – no additional manual effort needed. With its precise, diversified design, the One Series Safety Transmitter can assure you of the status of your safety instrumented system with just a visual inspection.

UE Controls Enhance Workplace Safety and Efficiency with UE’s One Series Safety TransmitterIndependence In Its Process

The One Series Safety Transmitter supplies both analog and digital outputs, which allows for redundancy and increased independence in its process. For example, the signal going back to the PLC can be a digital input based on a programmed set point value. It performs the translation of the process variable and tells the PLC. Then, the designer can add the device’s analog output and send the current signal back to the PLC, creating redundancy and contributing to greater safety and integrity.

In addition, designers can create independent protection layers (IPLs) because the transmitter comes equipped with on-board Safety Relay Output. This output acts directly on the actuator, relay, or start/stop circuit to control a final element like a valve or pump. The PLC will not have to process these trip signals, but it can still be informed of how the device is functioning via the device’s analog outputs.

With its quick processing of digital signals and its strict adherence to the advice of the latest standards, the One Series Safety Transmitter is working overtime for your protection.

Simplicity In Its Systematic Capabilities

With UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter, there is literally no need to puzzle over extensive, confusing manuals (the device’s product and safety manuals total a mere 40 pages as opposed to the competition’s 240 pages). UE’s signature simplicity in design makes designers’ work easier and more efficient.

The bottom line? UE’s One Series Safety Transmitter is designed with you in mind – to make your job simpler, safer, and more streamlined.

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