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Tsurumi Pump boosts inventory to aid disaster-stricken regions across North America

Industry News
Tsurumi Pump boosts inventory to aid disaster-stricken regions across North America

Tsurumi Pump boosts inventory to aid disaster-stricken regions across North America

By: Tsurumi

Preparing for and handling severe rains in North America is becoming increasingly challenging. Storms have become stronger, and residents in vulnerable areas are experiencing more frequent flooding and wind damage. Water pumps are essential tools in mitigating the effects of yard, basement, or neighborhood floods. Yet, maintaining inventory in disaster-prone areas can be difficult due to sudden increases in demand.

Over the past few years, Tsurumi America has made meaningful efforts to provide customers with speedy access to pumps when they are most needed. The company monitors developing weather patterns and strategically supplies distributors near the most susceptible areas to help with recovery efforts following a storm.

“Historically at Tsurumi, we have taken pride in having reliable, efficient equipment in stock to meet the immediate and inevitable needs when disaster strikes,” said Ben Houk, portable product manager at Tsurumi America. “We track tropical storms throughout the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast, as well as other weather events across the U.S., and have stocked inventory in strategically placed satellite warehouses to ensure our products are available to those in need. Maintaining inventory levels in these warehouses is key to our response time because, in the aftermath of many of these storms, long-distance shipping becomes a challenge.”

Houk explained that different types of pumps can be used in flood applications, especially after severe storms or hurricanes. The main distinction lies between electric submersible and engine-driven pumps.

“When a power source is available, electric submersible pumps are the preferred solution,” Houk said. “These pumps provide reliable dewatering capabilities in an extremely efficient manner. When electricity is affected, and generators are not available, engine-driven pumps are the obvious choice. These pumps are capable of rapidly moving large amounts of water but require priming and repeated refueling.”

Several Tsurumi pump and generator series are used in disaster remediation, including:

HS semi-vortex electric submersible trash pumps
LB top-discharge electric submersible dewatering pumps
NK heavy-duty, high-head electric pumps
LSC and LSR electric submersible low-level drainage pumps
EPT and TE engine-driven trash and dewatering pumps (powered by Honda and Vanguard engines)
TPG contractor-grade portable generator (powered by Honda)

“When flooding occurs, fast and efficient dewatering is imperative to preserving public safety and minimizing financial loss. Those in disaster-stricken areas need dependable products during and after an extreme weather event. That’s where Tsurumi comes in, with the reliable equipment necessary to alleviate any stressful storm-related clean-up and rebuilding efforts,” Houk concluded.

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