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The Hydraulic Institute’s Energy Rating Recognized by Major Pump Rebate Programs

Energy Efficiency
The Hydraulic Institute’s Energy Rating Recognized by Major Pump Rebate Programs

The Hydraulic Institute’s Energy Rating Recognized by Major Pump Rebate Programs

Rebate programs offering millions of dollars available for energy efficient pumps

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) announces that its Energy Rating (ER) program is recognized by two major incentive programs providing rebates. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Extended Product Systems (EPS) Rebate Program, which has $10 million in available funding and the California’s Statewide Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency™ (SW WISE™) Program, which has $1.5 million in available rebates, both have utilized the HI Energy Rating program as part of the qualifying criteria to provide rebates. The ER Rating provides energy-efficiency program administrators with a proven way to encourage adoption of more efficient technology.

HI launched its Energy Rating Program in 2018 to make it easy for manufacturers and distributors to communicate energy efficiency, support power utilities in the development and operation of energy efficiency programs and help end users identify pumps that offer energy and cost-saving benefits. The program provides energy utilities with a resource to underpin incentive and rebate programs, meet regulatory goals, and provide value-adds to customers. The program also allows users to view and verify data that indicates the power savings obtained from pump system upgrades and changes. Using a unique label, the program rates pumps and systems in the marketplace to show measurable comparisons of energy consumed. The higher the energy rating, the more efficient the pump.

“It’s encouraging to see the increasing number of electric utilities and the federal government investing in energy efficient pumps to achieve savings,” Peter Gaydon, Deputy Executive Director said. “For many facilities, pump systems represent the greatest opportunity for energy savings; therefore, the Hydraulic Institute is committed to supporting the development of pump incentive programs with the HI Energy Rating label, database, calculators and training resources.”

With application deadlines approaching, potential rebate applicants are strongly encouraged to review the program’s full guidelines to determine their eligibility on the program website.

To view a list of other available pump incentives and related resources, visit the Pump Rebate and Incentive Program Resources center on the HI website. To view Energy Rating values for pumps, search the ER Database.

About the Hydraulic Institute (HI)

Founded in 1917, the Hydraulic Institute (HI) is the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America. The global authority on pumps and pump systems, HI develops standards and technical resources including application guidebooks, on-line tools, and calculators. In addition to collecting statistical data and providing a forum for the industry, HI manages efficiency programs which stem from its advocacy work with the US Department of Energy. While the HI Energy Rating label is founded on efficient equipment and the Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification designates individuals, both programs promote the efficient use of pumps and pumping systems. The Institute’s educational subsidiary, Pump Systems Matter (PSM), provides product neutral training on energy efficiency, reliability, and effective applications of pump systems through an extensive catalog of live, virtual, and on-demand courses and webinars.

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