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Sustainability Summit

Sustainability Summit 2024

Sustainability Summit

Empowering Pumps & Equipment is committed to working towards achieving sustainable development goals as outlined by the UN. We are able to do this using our thought leadership and advocacy in our industry to bring about these conversations and highlight the ones in our industry who are putting in the work to create a more sustainable world for all. During our Sustainability Summit, we’ll talk about NetZero, Circularity, building a Sustainable Workforce, and more! Join us on March 26th.

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10:00 am CT – Let’s heat up Net Zero by 2050 in the U.S. with Naomi Jabbari

In this session from Naomi Jabbari, she’ll talk about key pillars of decarbonization, roles of heat transfer and new technologies. Along with the United States long term strategy to reach Net Zero by 2050.

10:30 am CT – Embracing Circularity: Integrating it into Our Lifecycle Processes with Michelle Schwery

Circularity is beginning with the end in mind. When you can’t extract the intended use from a product anymore, how can you take what is left to remake the product or something else? Join ABB’s Michelle Schwery, Local Product Manager, Renewables, to discuss why circularity should be part of our lifecycle processes.

11:00 am CT – Sustainable Workforce Panel:

Join Carla Minett, Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi, and Charli K Matthews in this panel discussion. They will talk about mentorship, employee retention, STEM as an accessible career, and more!

11:30 am CT – Break

12:00 pm CT – Sustainability and the Environment with H.J. Dewes

In this session, H.J. will take us on a journey to explore a new way to view our role when it comes to how we care for our planet.

12:30 pm CT – Building More Sustainable Industries Through Water and Energy Solutions with Courtney Tripp

In industrialized nations, industries account for over half of the water used by humans, with that demand projected to increase by 40% within 20 years. Additionally in the U.S. industrial sector, the pumping systems that move and treat that water account for 25 percent or more of the energy consumed by electric motors. In this session, we’ll explore the connection between water and energy, as well as existing solutions to reduce energy and water consumption in industry — solutions that will play a vital role in a net-zero, water-secure future that meets society’s growing demands.

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