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Sustainability Summit

Industry News
Sustainability Summit 2023 (5)

Sustainability Summit

Empowering Pumps & Equipment is committed to working towards achieving sustainable development goals as outlined by the UN. We are able to do this using our thought leadership and advocacy in our industry to bring about these conversations and highlight the ones in our industry who are putting in the work to create a more sustainable world for all. During our Sustainability Summit, we talked about Circularity, the Energy Transition, How to Influence Inclusion, and having an open and candid discussion around Sustainable actions that everyone can get involved in.

0:00:01: Is there more to circularity than just recycling?
Description: In this presentation, Michelle Schwery talks about understanding the lifecycle of critical equipment, such as drives and motors, and how extending the life through different measures does more for your circularity goals.

0:44:34: Circular Economy in the Pump Industry With Jim Wall
Description: Jim Wall discussed Europump and what the organization is about, active projects within the organization, and Circular Economy.

1:23:35: The Business Case for Investing in Energy Efficiency With Rob Vitello
Description: One of the most actionable elements of the energy transition is the pivot to embrace energy efficiency. While technical efforts to improve lighting and HVAC power consumption are well embedded within the infrastructure industry, the opportunity for greater action to reduce other areas of energy intensity in operations can yield significant savings. This session discusses the business case for accelerating and upscaling investments in energy efficiency initiatives.

1:54:09: Climate Ambitions Towards 2050 With Pia Yasuko Rask
Description: In this presentation, we talk about our path towards our recent commitment, aiming for net-zero emissions in 2050, which includes our own operational footprint – and our products and solutions, also during their use phase. We talk about the opportunities and challenges of doing business that continually push us to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges.

2:22:02: DEI Panel: How to Influence Inclusion With Micki Washington, Shannon Bumgarner and Candace Achenbach

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