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Social Media Branding: How to make your graphics and images stand out

Leadership & Marketing
Social Media Branding How to make your graphics and images stand out

Social Media Branding: How to make your graphics and images stand out

Why is this important?

Stats will vary depending on the specific research you look at, but everyone agrees visual content gets more attention and engagement vs just textual content. This is partly because the algorithm on many of the social platforms actually prefers visiuals, but then also because people are innately drawn to eye catching images.

  • Some stats:
    • Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared.
    • Facebook posts with images see 2.3 x more engagement
    • Tweets with embedded images get more clicks, retweets, and favorites

1. Find Good Images
It’s important to have you good images. You can do this by hiring a brand photographer to get pictures of your product, your business, events, etc. You can expect to get hundreds of images from one shoot and then stretch out using those over a long period of time on your social.

Alternatively, you can find stock images that have the same look and feel of your in-house photos.

When choosing your photos, it’s important to use photos of PEOPLE –people connect with people more than products. And remember diversity in photos is important. People connect with images that they can see themselves in or someone that they relate to.

2. Don’t skimp on graphics
Having a graphics person on your content marketing team is a critical role. They bring your message to life and can showcase it in an eye-catching way. You can create templates that work for multiple types of posts.

But don’t forget to pay attention to size requirements – different platforms like different size graphics and you can’t use a one size fits all.

3. Be Consistent
Most importantly, be consistent and cohesive. Consistent in the quality of photos, in the colors used in graphics, and in the look and feel of your graphics.

You want to do this so that when people look at your social media channels, you have a polished look that appears strategic and cohesive. Additionally, you want to do it so that when people see your content show up while scrolling, they can instantly recognize that it belongs to you as you build that brand awareness and recognition.

Listen to the Empowering Industry Podcast episode 113 to learn more.

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