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Slurry Pumps 3-Part Webinar Series

Industry News

Slurry Pumps 3-Part Webinar Series

Explore slurry types and their effects on pump performance. Examine pump assembly considerations, mechanical design features and testing as well as slurry pump wear and application regarding selection, operation, maintenance and materials of construction. Series participants also receive 3 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits from the Hydraulic Institute.

Session 1 – Slurry Pump Basics: The first session will cover Slurry Particulars and Pipeline Considerations; exploring Slurry types, terms, and their effects on pump performance.

Session 2 – Slurry Pump Design & Testing: This session will delve further in Slurry Pump types and their application, as well as assembly considerations, mechanical design features and testing.

Session 3 – Slurry Pump Wear and Application: The final session will discuss Slurry Pump wear and application, focusing primarily on selection, operation, maintenance and materials of construction.


Session 1 – Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Session 2 – Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Session 3 – Thursday, April 17, 2014
1:00-2:30pm EDT (all sessions)
Series Registration: 
$249.00 per participant ($100.00 per session)
Robert Visintainer, VP of Engineering, Research & Development, GIW Industries
Session Coordinator: Lori Siegfried, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Hydraulic Institute
Phone: 973.267.9700 x112 — Email:

About the Presenter: Robert Visintainer is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is currently the Vice President of Engineering, Research and Development GIW Industries, Inc., in Grovetown, Georgia. Mr. Visintainer has been involved in the design, testing, sales and manufacture of centrifugal pumps since 1981 in association with GIW and parent company KSB AG. He is the Vice Chair of the HI Slurry Pump Standard (ANSI/HI 12.1-12.6) Committee. Robert is also an author and contributor to numerous scientific papers, training courses, publications and patents related to the slurry pumping industry.

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