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RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions

Industry News
RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions

When end users enter the 15-acre RWN Pump and Fabrication facility near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, they are often surprised with their first impression. With an experienced, highly-qualified team and 53,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity, RWN can engineer and build a fully-customized package from start to finish.

“We are so much more than just a pump company, even though some people are under the impression that we just build pumps,” says CEO Robert Naron. “We are actually a support system for the entire pump world. We are a full-capacity water solutions company and can cover all aspects of designing, building, and delivering pump packages from A to Z.”

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized SolutionsRWN’s products and services include fully-customized pump packages, filtration systems, hose reel systems, manifold systems, custom fabrication, parts and aftermarket services, sandblasting and painting and full pump refurbishments.

“From electric packages to hose racks for the yard, we provide complete customized packages,” Naron says. “And we build everything to our customers’ specifications. We are a fully-customized shop and can build a solution to fit any customer’s needs.”

Naron recalls a company in Canada that needed a skid package for a mine with a 240-gallon tank and a drag bar system. “We prepped everything for them, built the customized skid, and shipped it to their facility in Canada, ready to be put into operation.”

Solving specific problems for end users is what RWN does best, Naron says.

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions“For a customer in Pennsylvania, we built some bumper pull trailer packages with 800 horsepower that was a little longer and a little wider than a standard setup,” he explains. “We created a CAD drawing and customized the entire job. In Pennsylvania, they prefer to not use a gooseneck setup because they are sensitive to the large footprint. It’s more difficult to maneuver the goosenecks in that very hilly terrain. So, we customized a larger bumper pool package with the same fuel specifications needed to run the 800 hp engines along with custom manifolds for the larger pumps so they could hook up to the required discharge lines. Nothing about that job was standard, but we still needed to provide the adequate flow.”

Many of RWN’s rental customers are aware of their capabilities. “It’s nothing new to them,” Naron says. “Where we surprise people is when someone comes in for a couple of pumps and walk away with a whole fleet. They discover we are a one-stop shop and can get all their water transfer needs in one place.”

RWN’s History and Evolution

Naron was fabricating skids and pumps for the oil field in 2006 near Springtown, Texas. Oil field service companies began to pursue him to customize pump trailer packages. Naron paid attention to the growing need for those types of packages and sprang into action. With an initial order for 20 units, he learned all the details of creating those particular kinds of custom packages. He contacted the Department of Transportation (DOT) to secure a VIN tag and began building the units.

The need for the packaged pump skids still exists. Naron continued to build his business with pump packages that included centrifugal pumps, road ramps, skids, filtration products, and other fabricated components. In 2010, as that part of the business built momentum, he was pursued by a large transportation company for even more pump packages with increased customization options. The diversification grew from there and continues to be the heartbeat of RWN Pump and Fabrication.

The company now has a full range of equipment partners and packaged products—most of them customized specifically for their customer’s needs. For example, RWN can design a traditional trailer package for the oil field, complete with manifolds, trailers, exoskeletons for VFDs, exoskeletons for HVAC products, hose reel trailers, skids, electric drives, and high-capacity units that don’t need refueling for 24 to 48 hours.

The simple mission of Naron and his company is to provide customized packages and customized support, helping RWN’s customers smoothly build their units from Point A to Point Z with a high-quality, one-stop-shopping experience.

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized SolutionsValue Proposition (Diversity, Customization, Service & Quality)

RWN has built a reputation for being a water solutions company rather than just another pump company, Naron says. “The heart of our company is diversity.”

With all the services, engineering, parts, components, and fabrication expertise in one place, the end user enjoys the advantage of superior service and the convenience of one point of contact.

“On the back end, you get all the support from one company rather than several companies,” Naron explains. “Everything works well together. Our fabrication is premium, and our guys take a lot of pride in what they do. In the end, we build a very heavy, robust system for our customers, paying full attention to all the details of their particular problems in the field.”

The pride component translates throughout all of RWN’s products and services.

“Pride is a big thing in our shop,” Naron says. “For example, we take pride in our paint jobs. We sandblast everything before painting, so the quality is unparalleled. We want it to last forever.”

And quality is at the forefront.

“We will never sacrifice quality for profits,” he says.

And since the entire RWN team replicates Naron’s passion and attention to detail, the result is superior quality and service of customized packages for the pump and rental industries.

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions“We build a heavy-duty product,” Naron says. “Our customers know that there will be no problems down the road. Many competitors try to cut costs, but our customers can count on the quality and durability of our products.”

RWN Pump and Fabrication offers a 5-year structural guarantee on the packages in addition to the manufacturer standard warranty. Using Arc, MIG, and TIG methods, RWN welds mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum—all able to pass load and magnetic particle inspection.

RWN has been a National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) member since 2011. With mechanical troubleshooting, teardown, inspection, and repair of diesel engines and centrifugal pumps, RWN boasts five forklifts and telehandlers with up to six-ton capacity and two overhead cranes up to 10-ton capacity to handle a variety of projects.

It’s sophisticated CNC machines offer plasma cutting, forming, and rolling steel up to 3-inches thick. Sand blasting, priming, and painting is also offered to fit customer specifications.

RWN can customize color, design, offer engineering help, sales support, training, and has an efficient 51-point inspection system where everything is tested to the highest possible quality.

RWN Supports the Pump World with Customized Solutions“We have less than one-percent warranty claims, so our customers know that the quality is excellent,” Naron says. “But it’s the high-quality team that makes RWN so strong. We all love our job.”

Another value proposition for RWN is its commitment to buying and building high-quality equipment that is 100 percent “made in America.” This commitment creates the highest quality and standards; fast, dependable delivery; lower costs; accessible customer service, and genuine OEM parts—all while supporting the U.S. economy.

Solving Problems for End Users

With supply chain delays on the minds of most end users and manufacturers, RWN focuses on delivering projects quickly and with high quality so units can get back in the field and back to work.

“We keep our people employed and they enjoy working here, so we generally have the manpower to get the projects built in a timely manner,” Naron says. “We want to make sure that companies know that we can do it all. Our customers always tell us that they love our products and love the support we give them.”

The value of getting projects in the field quickly combined with the quality of the equipment is paramount for end users.

“Anyone can deliver a pump, but to be able to take a project from A to Z makes our company special,” Naron says. “If we have the proper components in stock, we have the capability to have packages created quickly. But the main value proposition is the quality of our products and that means less downtime in the field. That’s really valuable to all of our customers.”

Whether the high-quality pump packages are standardized or fully customized, one thing remains the same—with RWN, the customer receives a heavy-duty, durable product with a one-stop shopping service.

“We take care of the entire process, from A to Z,” Naron says. “Customers just have to make one call, and then we can do the rest. RWN will take charge by building the unit with all the most appropriate and high-quality components to get the job done.”


Michelle Segrest - Navigate ContentMichelle Segrest is president of Navigate Content, Inc. She has been reporting on the pump industry since 2008. Check out her three-book series on Modern Manufacturing.

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