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Six Advantages for Using Equipment Made in America

Pumps & Operations
RWN Six Advantages for Using Equipment Made in America

Six Advantages for Using Equipment Made in America

RWN Pump & Fabrication takes great pride in providing the highest quality equipment and service that is 100 percent “Made in America.” Created on the principals of hard work, dedication, and the experience and expertise of founder and CEO Robert Naron, RWN manufactures diesel and electric-driven centrifugal pump packages, filter pot trailers, skid packages, and multiple size configurations. The company also provides refurbished and repair packages up to complete teardown and repower.

RWN is located on 15 acres just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and has more than 53,000 square feet under roof. With most of its customers in the United States, RWN believes there are many advantages for buying American-made equipment.

  1. High Quality & Standards. When purchasing American-made equipment, customers can feel confident knowing that all the products were manufactured by employees who are treated well and compensated fairly. American-built equipment adheres to the high standards set forth by governing organizations in the U.S. Rest assured, RWN manufactured products meet all U.S. safety, quality, and manufacturing standards.
  2. Fast, Dependable Delivery. RWN is centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and can get equipment delivered on time throughout the United States without the worries of overseas supply chain issues. When replacing or repairing broken equipment, that means less downtime, more profit, and more productivity.
  3. Lower Costs. Buying “local” within the U.S. can save you time and money. Without international shipping fees, transport costs tend to be lower. Buying local also means that you get your equipment faster, which also saves time and money.
  4. Accessible Customer Service. If you want prompt, helpful, expert attention when servicing your equipment, customer service based in the U.S. just makes good sense. You can connect with someone who speaks your language and cares about your equipment. RWN service providers are friendly, helpful, and are equipment experts. They will provide you with a knowledgeable resource to help you solve your problems. RWN service providers will assess your situation and help you find a solution.
  5. Genuine OEM Parts. RWN takes great pride in using genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Combined with friendly local service, you can have confidence that your equipment is running in the best possible condition.
  6. Support the U.S. Economy. Companies continue to move their manufacturing efforts overseas, but manufacturing is a huge component of the U.S. economy. RWN gives companies the opportunity to support high quality American manufacturers and suppliers, which supports the U.S. economy, as a whole.

For more information about RWN Pump & Fabrication, please follow this link.

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