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RWN Pump and Fabrication—A Dedication to Quality and Service

Pumps & Operations
RWN Pump and Fabrication—A Dedication to Quality and Service

RWN Pump and Fabrication—A Dedication to Quality and Service

In 2006, Robert Naron began fabricating skids and pumps for the oil field. As he began to build his business near Springtown, Texas, he was pursued by oil field service companies who needed customized pump trailer packages.

Naron recognized the growing need for those types of packages and sprang into action. With an initial order for 20 units, he began to learn all the details of creating these kinds of custom packages. He contacted the Department of Transportation (DOT) to secure a VIN tag and began building the units.

The need for the packaged pump skids didn’t go away. And neither did RWN. Naron continued to build his business with pump packages that included centrifugal pumps, road ramps, skids, filtration products, and other fabricated components. As that part of the business began to build steam, around 2010 he was pursued by a large transportation company for even more pump packages with increased customization options. The diversification grew from there.

Now, the company has a full range of equipment partners and packaged products—most of them customized specifically for their customer’s needs. For example, RWN can design a traditional trailer package for the oil field, complete with manifolds, trailers, exoskeletons for VFDs, exoskeletons for HVAC products, hose reel trailers, skids, electric drives, and high-capacity units that don’t need refueling for 24 to 48 hours.

RWN Pump and Fabrication operates on 15 acres near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in a more than 53,000 square-foot facility with 45,000 square feet under roof. The simple mission of Naron and his company is to provide customized packages and customized support, helping RWN’s customers smoothly build their units from Point A to Point Z with a high-quality, one-stop-shopping experience.

Need engineering and design assistance? RWN can help with expert engineering and sophisticated, professional CAD rendering technologies. Need help with application fees or specialized training? RWN is right there every step of the way by building customized DOT trailers with skid packages designed for multiple markets—including industrial, municipal, and mining with an emphasis on serving rental and pump companies.

There is a standard product line, but the heart and soul of RWN is the ability to customize packages specifically to help solve the customers’ problems.

RWN features trailer-mounted, stainless steel filtration systems, with individual and dual filtration pots. In addition, RWN can refurbish equipment to make it look brand new with improvements like a new radiator, new seals, sandblasting and painting, new tires, new fenders, and new electrical components. RWN takes pride in having very high-quality paint with sophisticated sandblasting technologies.

RWN Pump and Fabrication is a top-quality manufacturer of custom fabricated water transfer products and fluid management solutions. With the highest quality craftsmanship and expertise, the company offers custom fabricated pump packages for a multitude of industries—including the wide range of new and emerging markets. RWN works with large rental partners on refurbishments, full engine repowers, and custom engineered products.

Services also include parts and service, repairs, preventive and routine maintenance, custom paint jobs in a state-of-the-art facility, CNC plasma cutting, HVAC exoskeletons, hose racks and reels, as well as custom skids and trailers for all your fleet and service needs.

For more information, contact RWN at (817) 523-7900,, or

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