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RWN Builds Customized Pump Packages with One-Stop Shopping

Pumps & Operations
RWN Builds Customized Pump Packages with One-Stop Shopping

RWN Builds Customized Pump Packages with One-Stop Shopping

Since 2006, RWN Pump and Fabrication has built a reputation for building high-quality pump packages. And whether they are standardized or fully customized, one thing remains the same—the customer receives a heavy-duty, durable product with a one-stop shopping service.

“We take care of the entire process, from A to Z,” says Kyle Johnstone, RWN’s Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “Customers just have to make one call, and then we can do the rest. RWN will take charge by building the unit with all the most appropriate and high-quality components to get the job done.”

Founded by Robert Naron in 2006, RWN operates out of a 53,000-square-foot facility on 15 acres near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With in-house engineering, sophisticated CAD technology, and the latest in CNC equipment, welding, sandblasting and painting equipment, the company also offers its customers training and support from start to finish.

And since the entire RWN team replicates Naron’s passion and attention to detail, the result is superior quality and service of customized packages for the pump and rental industries.

“We build a heavy-duty product,” Johnstone says. “Our customers know that there will be no problems down the road. Many competitors try to cut costs, but our customers can count on the quality and durability of our products.”

RWN Pump and Fabrication offers a 5-year structural guarantee on the packages in addition to the manufacturer standard warranty. Using Arc, MIG, and TIG methods, RWN welds mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum—all able to pass load and magnetic particle inspection.

RWN has been a National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) member since 2011. With mechanical troubleshooting, teardown, inspection, and repair of diesel engines and centrifugal pumps, RWN boasts five fork lifts and telehandlers with up to six-ton capacity and two overhead cranes up to 10-ton capacity to handle a variety of projects.

It’s sophisticated CNC machines offer plasma cutting, forming, and rolling steel up to 3″ thick. Sand blasting, priming, and painting is also offered to fit customer specifications.

Along with the customer-focused culture, the heart and soul of RWN is its ability to customize any pump package and handle all the details for customers from start to finish.

RWN can customize color, design, offer engineering help, sales support, training, and has an efficient 51-point inspection system where everything is tested to the highest possible quality.

“We have less than one-percent warranty claims so our customers know that the quality is excellent,” Johnstone says. “But it’s the high-quality team that makes RWN so strong. We all love our job.”

And Naron, RWN’s founder remains hands-on.

“The product is so good, it makes it easy to sell,” Johnstone explains. “Robert walks through the shop and shakes the guys’ hands, but he also provides valuable input. Details are everything to him with regard to the products, the people, and the service.”

RWN’s main focus is to support rental companies and pump companies across the country. With nearly two decades of experience, RWN has built a reputation of quality for building pump packages, fabrication, filtration, refurbishment, and superior welding techniques. However, the company maintains a genuine and humble small-company mindset.

“We can’t say this enough,” Johnstone says. “We are here to support the customer from A to Z—from start to finish.”

RWN Pump and Fabrication is a top-quality manufacturer of custom fabricated water transfer products and fluid management solutions. With the highest quality craftsmanship and expertise, the company offers custom fabricated pump packages for a multitude of industries—including the wide range of new and emerging markets. RWN works with large rental partners on refurbishments, full engine repowers, and custom engineered products.

Services also include parts and service, repairs, preventive and routine maintenance, custom paint jobs in a state-of-the-art facility, CNC plasma cutting, HVAC exoskeletons, hose racks and reels, as well as custom skids and trailers for all your fleet and service needs.

For more information, contact RWN at (817) 523-7900,, or

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