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#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke!

#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke! (1)

#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke!

Years ago, Empowering Pumps & Equipment started to invite people to nominate industry professionals as a way for the #PumpTalk Community to shine a light on the PEOPLE behind the pumps and critical infrastructure that we rely on daily. In the Leadership Launchpad Project, Charli had a chance to “e-meet” Bryan Bieschke, Director of Maintenance & Reliability at T.Parker Host and learn more about his work. Bryan was honored to join the ranks of the #PumpTalk Celebrities and share his story.

How did you get started in your field?

I always loved to tinker and fool with things… often my Jeep was the patient of my untrained hands and ideas. I started my professional journey after dropping out of college and going to a trade school for auto mechanics. I worked as a mechanic for a year or so before being laid off during the 2007 2008 recession. I then joined the Navy and became a GSE troubleshooter on the flight deck of the USS George Washington CVN73. This is where my true passion and dedication to maintenance and maintenance humans took root. I then transitioned out of the military to working for a Caterpillar dealer (Alban tractor, now Carter) repairing and rebuilding machines. Fast forward to Host Terminals and I developed and built the maintenance programs for all of our terminals to align business objectives.

#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke! (3)What do you love the most about your job? What are you most proud of?

I love first the autonomy that is afforded to me in my position. The operational climate at Host really requires creative and adaptive maintenance processes, autonomy fosters that success. Second would be the opportunity to build something from nothing and see the growth of people and process.

I am most proud of having a legacy to leave behind that builds people up and helps them see their true value as maintenance humans and just humans in general. Having a hand in the positive growth of another is the most rewarding and profound thing to me.

#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke! (2)What advice would you give someone considering this line of work or new to the field?

Take your role very seriously and know that you get what you put in, period. You can control your attitude and dedication. There will be a lot of people who want you to be stagnant and not grow. There will be people who are upset at your dedication and skill. Ignore them and leave these people where you found them and face the sunshine. Then there will be people who are present, positive and doing the work, align yourself with these people. If there are none of those people, then you be this person and make a choice, try and lift everyone into the sunlight or rise alone….. you always have a choice.

No matter which way you go or choices you make, always remember that we are all humans. Humans need connection and humans are sometimes products of their environment. Seek to know who they are and you will be surprised at the possibilities.

#PumpTalk Celebrity Bryan Bieschke!Can you talk about a project you recently worked on?

The most recent project I am overseeing is overhauling and commissioning a 6000TPH ZPMC stacker reclaimer. This project on the Mississippi required a tremendous amount of business alignment. The project is nearly complete and the maintenance leadership, team and contractors have been thoroughly tested during this evolution.

This project is a large portion of the reason I moved my family to Louisiana for a year. I was fortunate enough to be trusted with the project and it required me to do what I love… be in the field with maintenance humans turning the wrenches.

What does a typically day look like for you?

It really depends on what terminal I am at but the commonality in them all would be:

  1. Meeting with my maintenance leaders and talking past and future operations.
  2. Meeting with operations leaders to get feedback and alignment.
  3. Going through CMMS and checking on analytics.
  4. Working though process improvement strategies. Writing and auditing PM/Inspections for standardization.
  5. Wondering around talking to all maintenance personnel, getting the real information from the people who actually do all the work.

Anything else you would like to add?

Be a doer, not a talker and know the difference.

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