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Pump Systems Matter offers Exceptional Pump Learning & More

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Pump Systems Matter offers Exceptional Pump Learning & More

Pump Systems Matter (PSM), established by the Hydraulic Institute (HI), is a non-profit 501(c) 3 educational organization chartered to educate the marketplace on pumps and promote pump systems energy efficiency. This initiative was established to assist the North American pump industry, including pump users and engineering consulting firms, to gain a more competitive business advantage through strategic, broad-based energy management and pump system performance optimization.

Pumps Systems Matter offers a full range of training courses that inform and educate the pump industry on how to integrate pump system performance optimization and efficient energy management practices into their normal business operations.This includes a one-day course that focuses on identifying energy savings opportunities with pumping systems and how to develop an Action Plan including financial justification for efficiency projects.  Starting in the third quarter of 2012, this course will also be available in a Hybrid Learning model that alternates between self-paced e-learning and webinars, allowing for more schedule flexibility and no travel.  Other energy efficiency training options include webinars on the EA2 Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems Standard, Seals Energy Efficiency, Variable Speed Drives and ISO 50,001.

PSM periodically introduces new education programs that focus on Hydraulic Institute Standards. As the largest association of pump producers in North America, Hydraulic Institute pump standards and Guidebooks are widely accepted references for anyone involved in pumps, including users, consultants, contractors, construction firms, manufacturers of pumps, seals, motors, instrumentation, controls, and pump software developers and systems integrators. HI recently held a webinar in support of the newly released ANSI Pump Acceptance Test Standard to the industry.    This webinar focused on understanding what is generally agreed and specified when performing pump acceptance tests including guarantee point, permissible amplitude of fluctuation, acceptance grades and tolerances.  Examples of other technical training topics that are regularly offered include Mechanical Seals, Variable Frequency Drives, Slurry Pumps, etc…

In an effort to accommodate the wide range of participant needs, HI and PSM offer a variety of teaching methods making training accessible through classroom based, live webinar, pre-recorded and self paced instruction.  A series of e-Learning courses, organized into 5 modules each, are currently available for purchase and easy 24/7 access with topics covered such as Positive Displacement Pumps: Fundamentals, Design and Applications and Fundamentals of Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps.

As an added bonus, and at no additional charge, HI offers PDH credits and certificates of completion to engineers participating in eligible technical training sessions.  Webinars and e-learning modules are also eligible for these credits.

Pump end-users, engineering consulting firms, regional/state energy efficiency organizations and pump and supplier OEMs are also encouraged to host the one- day course on “Pump Systems Optimization: Energy Efficiency and Bottom-line Savings.”  This course helps participants identify significant energy savings, improve pump systems performance and supports their efforts to sell their projects to management.  A copy of the HI/PSM 200 page book on this same subject, and a workbook are included in the course.

PSM and HI are continually reaching out to HI members who have an interest in supporting the creation of new training content and are receptive to the interests of other individuals or organizations that have suggestions for training needs or programs.  New educational opportunities are announced on an ongoing basis along with the current programs listed above.  For a complete list of available courses, tools and resources visit or contact Jon Wilcox, 973-267-9700 ext 200 or Kathy Doran, ext 216.

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