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Empowering Industry Podcast

Unboxing Leadership with Mike Shorts

EB-Q22021-twitter-eip55 Mike Shorts

This week Charli and Bethany talk about Twitter Spaces and how to use it to benefit your business and personal brand.

Then Charli interviews Mike Shorts, Global C-Level Executive, Strategy & Growth Expert, and one of Charli’s long-time mentors.  They talk about Mike’s unboxing leadership series he’s releasing on LinkedIn, and then talk about his thoughts on the future of the fluid sealing industry with a focus on fugitive emissions.

Mike Shorts is a strategic and action-oriented executive offering progressive global leadership experience and commercial awareness across all aspects of business operations within the DURLON and DFT industrial brands. With a belief that business and people can always be better, Mike is passionate about developing his leadership acumen to apply towards his company’s and their people’s development.

Today, he simultaneously leads seven private companies with ten operating locations in four countries. Mike is an accomplished technical writer around fluid sealing and has just expanded his content to leadership development on his LinkedIn page.

Interview @ 25:00

Mike’s Links:
LinkedIn | Twitter 

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