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Empowering Industry Podcast

Turbomachinery Research & Entropy to Work with Thiago Ebel

Turbomachinery Research & Entropy to Work with Thiago Ebel

This week Bethany and Bekah talk about how to use hashtags to grow your Instagram audience.

Then Charli interviews Thiago Ebel,  Lead Turbomachinery Research Engineer at Dyson, and  Host of the Entropy to Work Podcast.

[Interview Starts at 23:00]

Watch this episode on YouTube.

Thiago is an enthusiastic, curious, and friendly engineer with professional and academic international experience in fundamental and applied scientific research, technical sales Business-to-Business and consultancy projects.

Thiago has experience in 1D and 3D CAE tools as well as coupling them, thermodynamics cycle studies, turbomachinery modeling, and design for a wide range of applications. He is very passionate about energy, propulsion, and turbomachines in general.

Other than that, he is an amateur musician, surfer, writer, triathlete and, recently, created the Entropy to Work Podcast
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