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Empowering Industry Podcast

Sustainability and Circularity With Michelle Schwery

Sustainability and Circularity with Michelle Schwery

Welcome back, everyone! This week Charli got to talk to Michelle Schwery, an inspiring woman in and out of the workplace.

Michelle Schwery is a Portfolio Director for ABB – US Motion Services Division, with more than 18 years of experience in electrical equipment service. Through those years, she has worked to understand customers’ needs from an outside in approach and has used that to develop the products and services to provide the next generation of support for her customers.

Her passion for sustainability and a circular economy has brought this to the forefront of portfolio development for the US service group. And as the ABB US Sustainability Champion, she spends time bringing the sustainability discussion to the ABB team ensuring they all know how important the future of sustainability goals is to ABB and ABB’s customers, and how they can work together to have a positive impact on the future and society. This allows for a unique position in supporting our customers’ needs for carbon reduction all while still supporting their critical needs in their production facilities.

When she isn’t teaching you all about sustainability and circularity or bringing the next-generation service product to your production facility, she is working with the ABB Diversity and Inclusion team, Encompass Women. In her home time, she is spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, and sharing those joys with her husband, 5 kids, and a whole crew of animals in rural Wisconsin.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Sustainability Summit in February!

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