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Empowering Industry Podcast

Leadership & Mental Health in the Industrial Community with Rob Kalwarowsky

This week, Charli and Bethany discuss why useful content should be at the core of your marketing strategy.

Then Charli interviews Rob Kalwarowsky, Leader, Reliability Engineer & Host of Rob’s Reliability Project.

Rob Kalwarowsky started Rob’s Reliability Project in 2018 and currently produces content to spread the importance of reliability, courageous leadership & mental health in the industrial community. Rob has spent almost 10 years as a reliability engineer & asset manager within mining, oil and gas pipelines, and consulting industries. He specializes in condition monitoring, failure prediction, spare parts optimization, asset management and people-centric leadership. Prior to that, Rob graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Management.

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And until then, be empowering!

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