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Optimizing HVAC Efficiency in Hawaii: Armstrong IPC 11550 Controller and eco*pulse™ Service Case Study

Armstrong Fluid Technology
Optimizing HVAC Efficiency in Hawaii: Armstrong IPC 11550 Controller and eco*pulse™ Service Case Study

Optimizing HVAC Efficiency in Hawaii: Armstrong IPC 11550 Controller and eco*pulse™ Service Case Study

The Armstrong IPC 11550 controller optimizes the energy efficiency of Central Chilled Water Plants by regulating component output for maximum system-wide efficiency. eco*pulse™ is an HVAC Performance Management service for improving and maintaining chilled water plant efficiency.

Hawaiian Building Maintenance (HBM) is a diversified organization that provides facility management services and also works as a contractor for new-build and retrofit installations of mechanical equipment.

In 2013, HBM held a facility management contract at the Pacific Guardian Center in Honolulu Hawaii. HVAC efficiency is a key issue in Hawaii, as electricity costs 24 cents per kwh (plus demand charges). When they identified an opportunity to improve HVAC efficiency, HBM approached Armstrong. After studying the baseline data, Armstrong recommended an upgrade to replace three chilled water pumps and three condenser pumps, convert two chillers to variable speed, and to use an IPC 11550 controller to optimize the entire central chilled water plant system. The upgrade project was completed in April 2016, and efficiency levels improved immediately.

Since the completion of the project, Armstrong and HBM have maintained regular communications regarding system performance. As part of the purchase of the ipc controller, the customer received Armstrong’s unique eco*pulse Building Performance Management solution, which meant that efficiency experts at Armstrong could track the performance of individual components and provide regular advice on system operation. As a result of this service, Armstrong was able to point out that the cooling towers were not receiving adequate airflow and were underperforming. Where the energy savings up to that point had been acceptable, after that issue was addressed, the system efficiency improved to 0.65 kw/ton.

With the central chilled water plant operating at the improved efficiency level, the building owners are on track to save over $722,000 in the first three years of operation and the IPC installation helped HBM capture innovation points towards leed Gold status.

Reflecting on the results of the retrofit project, Energy Manager Michael Hedge commented “All commercial buildings charge their tenants rent plus Common Area Maintenance (CAM) costs. Based on the improved tenant comfort, we can command a higher rental price, and offset that with lower cam costs. All because we have more efficient HVAC equipment and lower utility bills.

Quick Stats

Facility type: Commercial
Location: Hawaii
Annual cost savings: $722,000


IPC 11550 Integrated Plant Control System
3 × Design Envelope 4300 chilled water pumps
3 × Design Envelope 4300 condenser pumps
Variable speed technology added to chillers and cooling towers

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