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NFPA Continues Endorsement of Manufacturing Day 2019


Contributor: National Fluid Power Association

The National Fluid Power Association recently registered for the third year in a row to endorse Manufacturing DaySM (MFG Day), which this year will take place Friday, October 4. MFG Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing through nationwide events for schools and the public at local manufacturing companies meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Many NFPA members participate in the annual celebration. NFPA supports events like these both through our own programs and by promoting programs that align with our objectives, like MFG Day. 

“NFPA member companies report that workforce development is ranked highest among the industry’s challenges,” said Eric Lanke, NFPA President and CEO. “As a result, one of NFPA’s primary strategic priorities is growing the fluid power workforce. Initiatives like Manufacturing DaySM demonstrate to students the benefits of choosing careers in the industry. MFG Day allows students to witness the same positive company cultures that advocate for creation, innovation, and aptitude that I see when I visit our members’ facilities.” 

Traditionally, MFG Day has consisted of facility tours. However, NFPA’s workforce development programs allow for other options as well, including: 

  • Employee Q&A: Engineers explaining to students what “a day in the life” is like, how they got into the industry, etc. 
  • Team Project: Engineers work with students to help assemble a fluid power classroom kit. 

By engaging in this program, members can share their expertise with students, promote their companies and career opportunities to the local community, and make meaningful connections with educators. 

NFPA members interested in getting involved with any of these options or with their own ideas for a MFG Day event should contact Stephanie Scaccianoce at sscaccianoce@nfpa.com

About the NFPA NFPA is a trade association focused on strengthening the hydraulics and pneumatics industry. With more than 340 fluid power manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in its membership, NFPA works to advance fluid power education, technology and the industry as a whole.


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