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New Features Increase the Capacity to Perform and Address the Most Complex Calculations and Conditions

Industry News

New Features Increase the Capacity to Perform and Address the Most Complex Calculations and Conditions

In this age of accelerating complexity for companies that design, build, and sell pumps, valves, compressors, blowers, and related equipment, sales automation software can often be hindered by unexpectedly complex conditions of service or the roll out of new products.

“It’s no secret the world changes every day. With literally thousands of product choices and ever-changing conditions of service, the process of selecting and configuring pumps, blowers, compressors or any other fluid handling equipment can be at best, time consuming and at worst, overwhelming. Generic software solutions for automating this complex process typically don’t work. That’s why Intelliquip has focused on providing software solutions specifically for this niche,” said Dave Brockway, President of Intelliquip, LLC.

Intelliquip’s recent release of its Intelligent Front-End (IFE) Version 13.0 offers even greater functionality on the most complex of calculations throughout the lead-to-order process, especially for pumps, blowers and compressors.

“And greater integration throughout the full front-end process — including a new business intelligence feature — adds to the potential for increased sales productivity, effectiveness, and company profitability,” added Mr. Brockway.

Intelliquip’s core IFE applications — Intelliquip Selector, Intelliquip Configurator, Intelliquip Quote Manager, and popular xSheets — are used by sales representatives, distributors  and application engineers throughout the world every day to select, configure, price, and quote complex equipment, translate data among and across various platforms, and capture key business intelligence.

The recent release of IFE v13.0 includes a number of features aimed at greater functionality:

Intelliquip Pump Selector: based on continued customer feedback, the Pump Selector‘s capacity has been extended in several areas, including additional features to the inter-stage take-off functions. New support has been added to determine the complex effect of a discharge orifice and the ability to use this effect to meet a required head rise to shut-off.

Intelliquip Compressor Selector: the Compressor Selector now supports a temperature rise curve and inlet throttling at each operating condition. More flexibility to create performance data sheets has been included, as well as the ability to assess product lines based on complex compatibility rules.

Intelliquip Configurator: updates now allow engineers to redefine knowledge bases in a way that allows for segmenting pricing — a helpful tool for salespeople trying to create subtotals that can be used in quote summary tables, as part of an order entry process, or in a customized database for marketing reports.

Intelliquip Quote Manager: making it easy to use no matter what computer or handheld device you’re on, the Quote Manager now supports the new Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.

The release of Version 13.0 also includes the new Intelliquip Business IQ (BIQ), customized to capture sales data, sift it, and unlock the rich data often lost within the standard sales funnel. The new BIQ digital dashboard enables both managers and sales teams to make instantaneous and informed decisions with a 360-degree view of sales activity, trends, efficiencies, strategies, and outliers.

Intelliquip’s sales automation software has been credited with increasing sales productivity by as much as 40%, eliminating design errors, and shortening cycle time, nearly doubling quote output with existing staff.

More information on the new Intelligent Front-End Version 13.0 is at

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