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New Business IQ Software from Intelliquip offers Smarter Business Intelligence

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New Business IQ Software from Intelliquip offers Smarter Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is getting “smarter” for companies that design, build, and sell pumps, valves, heat exchangers, compressors, blowers, and related equipment — with software that can now capture and display critical sales and marketing intelligence without forcing sales personnel to double-enter data.

Business IQ (BIQ) is the latest software offering from the niche fluid handling equipment industry experts at Intelliquip LLC.

Part of the flagship Intelliquip Intelligent Front-End software suite, Business IQ is customized to capture sales data, sift it, and unlock the rich data often lost within the standard sales funnel — what jobs are won, lost or still open, how salesmen are performing, and what sizes of products are users actually looking for — hard data that finds missed sales opportunities and drives future product development.

It’s also cost and time-efficient, according to Dave Brockway, President of Intelliquip, LLC: “To run a business effectively, managers want valuable real-time sales data, but the best sales people on the street don’t have time to enter numbers over and over again to create spreadsheets for management. Our BIQ plugs in to the data coming out of the Intelligent Front-End software to generate easy-to-interpret infographics that offer real business insight — without requiring sales to enter data twice.”

Intelliquip’s software is used by thousands of salesmen and application engineers throughout the world every day to select, configure, price and quote complex equipment. The innovators behind BIQ — with more than one hundred years of combined industry experience — know that the best data should be automatically collected from existing quotation data.

“A growing issue in our industry is that a lot of CRM systems can’t typically be used to quote complex fluid handling products. CRM systems are many times sold with a promise to create cool looking sales dashboards but often fail to fully illustrate how underlying data will need to be populated,” added Brockway. “So salesmen are forced to spend too much of their time after quoting a job filling out sales data in spreadsheets or in the CRM system.”

Powered by front-end data that’s already collected, the customizable BIQ digital dashboard enables users to make instantaneous and informed decisions with a 360-degree view of sales activity. Managers can swiftly drill down into the numbers to identify trends, measure efficiencies, align strategies, and identify outliers.

“Real time and real data that keeps sales on the street and management in a ringside seat; that’s real business intelligence,” said Mr. Brockway.

Intelliquip’s industry-leading Intelligent Front-End – the Intelliquip Selector, Intelliquip Configurator, and Intelliquip Quote Manager – has been credited with increasing sales productivity by as much as 40%, eliminating design errors, and shortening cycle time, nearly doubling quote output with existing staff.

More information on the new Intelliquip BIQ is at

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