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Marina Operators – Why A Peristaltic Pump?

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Peristaltic Pumps

Marina Operators – Why A Peristaltic Pump?

Why people need to know about a peristaltic pump?

Familiarity with a peristaltic pump can be one of the best things for a boat owner or marina operators to know. These specialty devices have always been used to move fluids. In the case of boaters, this device is most commonly used to help maintain on-board restroom facilities.

No one wants fines

At one time, no one gave much though to dumping human waste overboard into the water. Nature was viewed as a more or less unlimited resource that was convenient for people to use in any way that they chose. Today boats are required to have some format for handling waste that does not include dumping. Failure to maintain waste properly can result in fairly substantial fines in many cases.

Boats can go into open ocean waters or into drinking water reservoirs. For this reason, the bathroom facilities have to meet specific standards. Systems have to be free of any leaks but also have to be able to be drained and cleaned fairly easily when docked. This is a task is not one anyone enjoys so having the right kind of pumping system can be important.

What to look for when obtaining these systems

Power and speed may be at the top of the list when people are considering purchasing a peristaltic pump. Power is determined by horsepower rating, which can start at 1.5 and go up to 5 hp for many pumps. This will help users to determine how many gallons-per-minute the pump can handle and give users an idea of how long it might take to drain the holding tank.

There are some features besides size and speed to consider. One is to look for a system that specifically mentions that it is leak proof. Finding one with a viewing window helps users to determine how much material has been pumped out. Units that do not have rotors or shoes help cut down on maintenance. Stainless steel or cast aluminum in the construction is another feature that can contribute to longer life. A longer warranty is always a good idea.

Buyers will also want to get a system that is a good match for their needs. Small marinas may do well with smaller systems. Larger areas may require larger systems, including ones that are large enough to be trailer mounted and towed behind a vehicle. Many marina operators will do well with systems that are midsized and have a cart for easy use.

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