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Maintenance Made Easy for Municipalities

Industry News
Image of of submersible motor pump

Maintenance Made Easy for Municipalities

KSB has been providing innovative solutions to waste water applications that have dated back to its 140 years of experience in pumps, valves, and services worldwide.  In order to adequately satisfy the needs and opportunities in the U.S. Market, KSB, Inc. is launching the new vertical, single-stage submersible motor pump for wet installation, which is available in a stationary or portable model.    The Amarex N pumps are floodable, single-stage, single-entry, and close- coupled pump sets which are not self-priming.  This KSB product is also offered in 3 different explosion-proof certifications: ATEX, FM, CSA.  The Amarex N is the next step in KSB’s commitment to waste water engineering to ensure smooth process flows in industrial, municipal, and domestic waste water transport.

In addition to being on the forefront of technological innovation, the Amarex N provides an ease of maintenance for municipalities while also reducing costs.   Here are just a few of a myriad of reasons why the Amarex N should be your submersible motor pump for waste water handling.

Motor Housing and Pump Volutes

The Amarex N pumps are manufactured with the motor housing and the pump volute cast together.  This gives the pump a high level of sturdiness and reduces the risk of water entering the motor.  With only 3 bolts, the suction cover can be easily removed.  Once it has been taken off, there’s plenty of access to the internal components of the pump that can easily be accessed by the maintenance person.

Power/Control Cable

The power/control cable of the Amarex N is attached to the pump through a polarized plug-in connection.  To prevent the cable from coming loose during operation, it is secured by 2 screws that can be easily removed by the operators.  This feature allows a quick and easy cable change, while still avoiding opening the motor which may disconnect individual cable leads.   The plug in connection also avoids the possible assembling mistakes in order to conserve the electrical integrity of the motor.  If it is necessary to facilitate a periodic maintenance or repair measure, then the cable can be left in place near the wet well while the pump is taken away to a local repair facility to decrease down time with the pump.

Mechanical Seals

To extend service life, the Amarex N has an oil chamber filled with paraffin oil providing the necessary oil lubrication for the two mechanical seals.   As a result, oil change is only recommended every 4000 operating hours or once a year.  As an indication of when the lower mechanical seal may need attention, the operator can verify its status by checking the oil to see if it’s been contaminated by the fluid handled.   If this is determined, then it is recommended by the manufacturer that the mechanical seals be replaced.  Then all bearings are grease lubricated, and sealed for life which provides an extended period of service life.

Spare Parts

All models in the Amarex N product line (2 grinders and 6 vortex pumps) share the same wear parts as mechanical seals, bearings, sealing gaskets, and o-rings.  This allows end users with different models to keep a lower inventory of spare parts in stock.

Motor Protection

All Amarex N motors are protected by embedded bimetal switches into their windings in order to monitor motor temperature.  If water ingresses due to mechanical seal failure, there is a moisture sensor fitted into the motor housing to prevent short-circuits.   KSB will also provide every pump with an electronic relay that can be mounted into the local control panel for signaling alarms and even providing shutdown of the equipment in order to avoid damage to the motors.

Future of Pumping Waste Water

With water being the motor of our civilization, KSB is the driving force in the water and waste water processes.   We are aware of the constant innovation of these products and systems, and aim to provide our customer with best possible solution for their market’s needs.  The Amarex N is a reliable, innovative pump that provides the operators with a system that is easier and lowers maintenance costs.

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