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Lunch & Learn with Vince: How Nikola Labs became AssetWatch® & the future of Predictive Maintenance

Lunch & Learn With Vince

Lunch & Learn with Vince: How Nikola Labs became AssetWatch® & the future of Predictive Maintenance

Join us for an ongoing series where Vince, Empowering Pump’s Director of Business Development, brings on guests to teach him technical skills useful for those working in the pump and related equipment industry.

In this episode, Vince talks with Will Zell, Executive Chairman and Founding Partner at AssetWatch®

AssetWatch® is combining machine learning with the prescriptive insights of a dedicated condition-monitoring engineer to predict and prevent downtime before it happens. If you haven’t heard of AssetWatch, it may be because, until recently, it was known as Nikola Labs. Join Will Zell, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of AssetWatch, as he discusses the value of proactive maintenance and the rebranding from Nikola Labs to AssetWatch. He will also share his thoughts on the future of reliability and what’s in store for AssetWatch.

Learn more about AssetWatch:

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