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Seawater desalination by KSB: providing drinking water for Singapore

City-state of Singapore – the smallest country in South East Asia desalinates seawater with KSB

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The SingSpring seawater desalination plant in Singapore is one of the biggest desalination facilities in Asia. It produces 136,000 m³ of drinking water a day via the reverse osmosis process, covering ten percent of the island state‘s water demand.

As an established specialist for desalination, KSB was able to supply Singapore with
numerous high-pressure feed pumps, filtered water pumps, booster pumps and intake pumps.

Butterfly valve ISORIA 25

Four pumps from the Amarex KRT K range, each capable of handling up to 5,000 m³ per hour, pump raw seawater into the plant’s prefiltration system. 10 variable speed Omega pumps transport the prefiltered seawater to a total of 10 HGM-RO pumps; with a rating of 1,170 kW each, these high-pressure units force 708 m³ of seawater per hour through the osmosis membranes.

Thanks to a compact design, flexible connection nozzles and plug & play installation, KSB was able to supply the equipment ahead of schedule, enabling the construction costs to be kept to the absolute minimum.

Innovative, durable and efficient: KSB solutions for water treatment
KSB is a globally recognised specialist in the field of water treatment and seawater
desalination. Our pumps, valves and services set technical standards in waterworks and desalination plants.

We have become the global market leader for desalination plant equipment with our
solution-orientated approach and innovative products. For example, we have tailored our HGM-RO high-pressure pump to meet the requirements of seawater desalination.

Salino Pressure Center: low life cycle costs thanks to 4-in-1 technology

Our Salino Pressure Center is the first ever 4-in-1 solution, replacing a high-pressure pump, energy recovery device, booster pump and electric motor with a single compact unit. This makes it ideal for use in small and medium-sized desalination systems – for example in industry, ships and hotels.

We also provide numerous cutting-edge pump ranges for water treatment in waterworks, all highly efficient, extremely reliable and cost-effective to maintain. This enables you to reduce the life cycle costs of your systems, creating the ideal conditions for a cost-effective and reliable water supply.

Amarex KRT with Next Generation Impellers


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