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KSB drainage equipment installed in museum: protecting a World Heritage Site

Quick, clean, reliable – KSB offers optimum all-in solutions for drainage

Contributor: KSB Solutions in the USA

Berlin’s Pergamon Museum is one of the most important museums in Germany, attracting around a million visitors every year. In the cellars of this historic building, waste water is handled by an AmaDS3 pump station with solids separation system from KSB. This waste water pump station is especially dependable, ensuring reliable operation thanks to upstream separation systems which protect its pumps against clogging from solids. A redundant design concept encompasses all of the key components located in the basement of the Pergamon Museum. This virtually rules out an entire system failure and also enables maintenance work to be carried out while the equipment is in operation.

The fully dry-installed system offers hygienic working conditions for the operating personnel as gases or fluids are kept tightly sealed. Carrying out maintenance work is also very straightforward because the solids separators are externally installed for easy accessibility.

KSB designed AmaDS³ with two especially energy-efficient pumps from the Sewabloc range. Due to their high level of efficiency, these pumps make a major contribution to reducing the energy costs of the entire system.

KSBMaximum reliability at minimum overall costs

Just like the equipment installed at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, KSB products ensure reliable drainage of houses, public buildings and industrial facilities all over the world. Whether it’s rainwater, groundwater from drainage systems or highly solids-laden waste water that needs to be transported, KSB is guaranteed to have the right product to suit your needs, offering a diverse range of pumps and numerous valves. This broad range of
products enables us to offer the perfect product for your particular situation –from waste water lifting units and pumps for cellar drainage and waste water right through to sewage lifting units and powerful waste water pumping stations.

KSBThe reliability of our systems takes top priority and we are always developing new technical solutions, like AmaDS³. Right from the design stage we strive to maximise operating reliability and minimise the amount of maintenance required. This reduces your overall costs and, in combination with extremely efficient drives such as the KSB SuPremE motors, ensures that your energy requirements are kept as low as possible.



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