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International Podcast Day 2023: Empowering Pumps & Equipment’s Must-Listen Podcast Picks

Industry News
International Podcast Day 2023: Empowering Pumps & Equipment's Must-Listen Podcast Picks

International Podcast Day 2023: Empowering Pumps & Equipment’s Must-Listen Podcast Picks

Celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30th by indulging in the world of podcasts and the ever-evolving technologies that support them. Across the globe, individuals tune in to their favorite podcasts to stay informed about the latest news, tech trends, entertainment, and informative content.

Podcasts, essentially digital audio recordings of radio-style programs, offer multiple ways for listeners to engage. Whether you prefer downloading episodes, streaming from websites, or accessing them via dedicated apps and digital media players, podcasts cater to your convenience. Many podcasts even incorporate video content. With subscription-based models, listeners can create a library of episodes to enjoy at their leisure, unrestricted by traditional broadcasting schedules.

Empowering Pumps & Equipment recommends a selection of must-listen podcasts:

**ABB Solutions Podcast**: Hosted by Mike Murphy, this podcast engages industry experts in conversations about pressing topics. Stay informed and hands-free with this opportunity to broaden your knowledge in a rapidly changing world. Listen here: ABB Solutions Podcast

**Interactive Control Podcast**: If you work with controls as an Operator, Engineer, Maintenance Person, or Plant Manager, this podcast is tailored for you. Host Michelle Rosinski delves into real-world questions and problems with control experts. Topics range from unit startup issues to instrumentation calibration and system overviews. Listen here: Interactive Control Podcast

**What’s on Tap Radio**: An award-winning radio show dedicated to beer and the culture surrounding it. Beer enthusiasts James Simpson and Chad Pilbeam provide insights from the beer world, covering styles, pairings, homebrewing, and conversations with industry experts.
Listen here: What’s on Tap Radio

**Swarfcast: Today’s Machining World**: Hosted by Noah Graff, Editor of Today’s Machining World, this podcast features interviews with manufacturing company owners, equipment experts, and notable figures in the precision machining field. They discuss strategies for building successful businesses and explore the latest machining technologies. Listen here: Swarfcast

**Maintenance Mavericks Podcast**: A podcast for people who want to learn more about all things maintenance and reliability. UpKeep Founder and CEO, Ryan Chan, meets with an expert from the maintenance community to take a deep-dive into topics that can help elevate our entire industry. Listen here:

**The Leadership Launchpad Project**: Hosted by Rob Kalwarowsky & Susan Hobson, the Leadership Launchpad Project is all about helping our listeners maximize their potential. We’re asking you to own your role as a leader in your own life, choose your mindset and then step out by using these 2.0 leadership mindset strategies to play your biggest impact game – at home, at work and in your communities. Listen here:

Don’t forget to listen to the Empowering Industry Podcast and the Empowering Women Podcast

Happy International Podcast Day! Explore these engaging podcasts and embark on a journey of knowledge, insights, and entertainment.

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