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Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Costs by Switching to BJM Submersible Slurry Pump

IFS Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Costs by Switching to BJM Submersible Slurry Pump

Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Costs by Switching to BJM Submersible Slurry Pump


Chemtrade Logistics, Inc., provides several types of chemicals to industrial companies around the globe. One of their production facilities, located in the state of Virginia, manufactures aluminum sulphate (alum). Alum is used for wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, and industrial processing applications. Having a long-standing relationship with Pump, Parts and Service, Inc., the chemical manufacturing plant worked with their reliable service provider to select a pump that would allow them to reduce maintenance costs and improve pump reliability.

The chemical manufacturing plant’s central drainage sump relied on an old vertical pump to pump slurry that was collected in the sump. The sump collected rain water and water from the plant’s mud wash process. The mud wash process involves setting a filter press to press water out of the mud so that the remaining “cake” can then be processed for proper disposal. In addition to the storm water and water from the mud wash process, the sump also collected the wash down water. When the process area was washed down, bauxite (the principle ore of aluminum) would also get washed into the sump, creating a thick slurry that frequently clogged the vertical pump.

One day in 2015, Wayne Woodcock, Account Manager for PP&S, was making one of his regular visits to the chemical manufacturing plant. The plant’s maintenance team was pulling the vertical pump out of the sump. “The vertical pump had to be at least 25 years old, and the bottom bearing was completely worn out,” explains Arthur Grammer, the chemical plant’s Maintenance Manager. “Instead of trying to find parts to piece the thing back together, I figured it might be more cost effective to just replace the pump,” Grammer continues.


After reviewing all the features of the KZN 37, Grammer worked with his boss to process a “management of change” (MOC) through Chemtrade’s corporate office. If equipment needs to be changed out in the manufacturing plant, and the replacement is not identical to the original equipment, than an MOC is required and reviewed by Chemtrade’s Engineering Department to prove that the new equipment will work in the entire system. The MOC must include the exact specifications and outline the projected cost savings. “It was actually a cost reduction,” explains Grammer. “To get the new BJM submersible pump was less expensive than to repair the obsolete vertical pump.”

Chemtrade’s careful evaluation concluded in June of 2015 and they went ahead with the BJM Submersible Slurry Pump. One KZN 37 was installed in the central drainage sump along with the Seal Minder® Moisture Detection System. The Seal Minder® is a sensor probe inside the oil chamber that can provide an early warning to protect the pump motor. When the moisture detection circuit is properly connected to a control panel, it informs the pump operator that there is moisture within the oil chamber, giving them an opportunity to inspect the pump and take preventive measures.

IFS Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Maintenance Costs by Switching to BJM Submersible Slurry Pump (1)

For this specific application, Woodcock recommended the BJM KZN 37 Submersible Slurry Pump for the following reasons:

  • Chrome Iron Agitator to Suspend Solids
  • Chrome Iron Semi-Open Impeller to Pass Particulate
  • Chrome Iron Wear Plate to Resist Erosion
  • Durable Construction for Industrial Applications
  • Motor Protection for Reliable Operation
  • Slim, Top Discharge Design

“The KZN has done extremely well so far. It handles solids well, just like advertised. Three months after the BJM pump was installed, it pumped 32,000 lbs. of bauxite slurry over a period of 3 days. It was truly impressive. Needless to say, we’re very satisfied with BJM Pumps,” declares Grammer. “Moving to the KZN has benefitted us with noise reduction in the process area, improved fluid handling, reduced our repair costs, and freed up our maintenance team to work on other plant projects.”


  • Heavy Duty Lifting Rings
  • Hardened Ductile Top Discharge Motor Housing
  • Hardened Ductile Iron Volute
  • Chrome Iron Impeller, Agitator, & Wear Plate
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearings


  • Mining & Coal Mining
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Steel Production
  • Drilling Mud & Slurry Transfer
  • Sand & Gravel

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