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Lifting pumps are a thing of the past, saving this pump station over $9,000 in the first year

Industrial Flow Solutions
IFS DERAGGER® – Lifting pumps are a thing of the past, saving this pump station over $9,000 in the first year

Lifting pumps are a thing of the past, saving this pump station over $9,000 in the first year


Pumps were ragging at least once per week at this Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in the Jordan Basin (South Jordan Pump Station) area in Utah, with a surrounding population of 200,000 and processing 30 MGD. Rags caused audible cavitation noises within the four 125HP pumps, accelerating the need for repair.

The maintenance team spent five to six person-hours weekly de-ragging pumps, exposing staff to raw sewage and dangerous sharps, resulting in costly equipment downtime and hazardous working conditions.

“Before implementing the DERAGGER® anti-ragging system, we were pulling pump inspection plates and cleaning by hand biweekly, if not weekly. But after installation of DERAGGERs, we now go two or three months without having to clean by hand.” – Kelly Petersen, Jordan Basin WRF


The South Jordan Pump Station installed four DERAGGER® systems and keypads in 2016. By enabling Real Time Pump Protection™ to detect rags and run a clean cycle, DERAGGER® clears the first rag and prevents a clogged pump.

Since installation, all ragging has stopped, and pumps no longer must be lifted and cleaned manually. This translates into maintenance and energy savings for the pump station:

  • Estimated staff hours saved: 3 ½ days per month or 312 hours per year
  • Estimated cost savings at $30 per hour: $780 per month or $9360 per year

Annual estimated savings calculations are based on hours supplied by customer.

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