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Confined space entry concerns and frequent maintenance caused a village in New York to find a better way; they found OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping System

Industrial Flow Solutions

Confined space entry concerns and frequent maintenance caused a village in New York to find a better way; they found OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping System


The Village of Sherman, a rural community of about 730 on the far west end of New York, has a 40-year-old 140,000 gpd (design) package treatment plant that achieves more than 99 percent BOD and TSS removal. The clean water plant’s chief operator needed to replace an aging lift station to reduce frequent pump clogging and bar cleaning concerns and improve safety issues related to the 20ft deep x 36in diameter silo that requires confined space entry gear to access.

The station originally used a pair of centrifugal pumps to lift the effluent to the plant head works where mop rag builds up in the wet well and causes the pumps to clog, resulting in shutting the station down before entry. Bar screens required weekly cleaning and a septic truck was called in every 2-3 months to clean the well. Disruptions were costly.

OverWatch™ Direct In-Line system was the solution to their problems. An OverWatch™ system delivers two 15hp pumps, each having the ability to handle 100% of the normal flow while in a safe and clean dry pit environment. With the frequent clogging and cleaning issues, the town selected to go with the DIPCut® impeller, allowing for self-cleaning operation of the pumps.

The OverWatch™ system was delivered ready to install. In just 11.5 hours, the wet well was transformed into a dry pit where the pumps sit just 10 feet below the surface without the need to retain liquid volume. Clogs inthe pit and bar screens are eliminated, saving the towncostly labor & cleaning hours while providing a much safer and cleaner environment for their employees.

Eliminating the wet well to maximize safety; minimize maintenance

The OverWatch™ Direct In-line Pumping Technology creates an environment that eliminates wet well maintenance, exposure to dangerous gases and hazards associates with retained effluent, while saving 30% on energy costs and 65% total savings over the life of the pump. Lifting liquid as it arrives removes the opportunity for whip, fats, oils, or greases to build up and solidify. The VFD controlled pump allow the system to adjust it’s performance real-time; reversing operation to remove clogs. With over 2000 installations globally, OverWatch™ is maximizing safety and minimizing risk by retrofitting current lift stations all over the world.


  • Immersible IP67 IE3 Motors
  • Modulated pumping driven by variable speed drives for optimized performance and savings
  • Optional DIPCut®
  • Shredding impeller for self cleaning operation
  • Shared stainless steel hydraulic body
  • Isolation valve for easy maintenance
  • Stainless Steel wall flange supplied for easy mounting
  • Optional remote monitoring allows for control anywhere
  • Stainless Steel level pressure sensor
  • Stone trap/Clean out


  • Eliminates the wet well and hazards associated with them
  • Constant self-monitoring operation allows the system to adapt real-time to the environment, adjusting motor performance tothe incoming flow and eliminating potential clogs without human intervention
  • Reduced maintenance; no screen or well cleaning; no scheduled site visits.


  • Municipal retrofits or new wet wells
  • Residential, commercial or industrial ejector pumps
  • In-line pipe booster systems

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