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Why You Need a Submersible Pump Solutions Partner

IFS Why You Need a Submersible Pump Solutions Partner

Why You Need a Submersible Pump Solutions Partner

In most submersible pump applications, bad things happen when a pump fails. What may start with standing in a growing puddle of water, sewage, chemicals or other industrial waste leads to a domino effect on the entire production. This can lead to unscheduled downtime for an indeterminate amount of time or even an environmental fine for waste discharge. As a result, your first instinct is to call your pump supplier for the fastest replacement pump they can get you. This is the time when a submersible pump solutions partner makes all the difference. Here’s why.

Getting the Right Pump Fast

A submersible pump solutions partner understands that short lead times aren’t enough. You need the right pump fast. To that end, a quick phone conversation can make a huge difference. There are specific questions that will help pinpoint the type and size of pump you need that may be better than the pump you’re replacing. Examples include:

  • What voltage is available?
  • How many gallons per minute are you pumping?
  • What is the total dynamic head?
  • What are the contents of the water you’re pumping?
  • Why did the current pump fail?

Partnering with a pump manufacturer with seasoned, experienced application engineers ensures you will get the right pump. If you’re working with a pump distributor, you want to make sure they are properly trained by the manufacturer for the pumps they recommend.

The more your partner knows about the application, the easier it is to recommend the pump to get you out of a jam. The last thing you want to do is rush a pump through that doesn’t fix the problem and you end up right back where you started.

Rapid Response Means More than Pump Production


Rapid delivery times require submersible pump manufacturers that excel in more than just pump production. Exceptional partners have inventory management specialists to make sure they and their distributors understand the level of inventory they should be keeping. The specialists optimize available stock based on market needs.


Once the pump is built and tested, shipping it to your site can be another challenge. You need a partner that will make sure the pump gets there when you need it. This involves both finding the fastest way to get the pump to you, and keeping track of its journey. Things like weather, holidays, traffic, even the size of the plane at the airport, can cause delays. An honest timeframe appraisal of when the pump will arrive will take these factors into account. Your partner needs to communicate any issues that come up, and jump in when needed to keep the pump arrival on track.

Submersible Pump Installation Support

Once the pump arrives, your partner’s job isn’t done. The right partner will be available to help you with the pump installation. That may be onsite support or remote to help you through any questions or problems that arise. For remote support, smart phones and tablets make it easy to send photos or materials to help complete the installation.

Industrial Flow Solutions

Industrial Flow Solutions specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of pumping and fluid management solutions for harsh, rugged environments. With OverWatch™ direct in-line pump systems, BJM Pumps® products and Stancor® Pumps and Controls, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of submersible and direct in-line pumps and controls ideal for industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

IFS offers problem-solving solutions for Industries including Mining & Materials, Food Processing, Construction, Commercial Building Trades, Municipal Wastewater, and Power Generation/utilities. Our years of application and design engineering experience provide you the assurance that you are getting the best-fit pump for your application.

Contact one of the IFS Application Engineers today to learn more. 860-631-3618 |

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