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Operations’ Role in Shutdown Scheduling

IDcon Operations’ Role in Shutdown Scheduling

Operations’ Role in Shutdown Scheduling


From operations’ point of view, they want to produce. But in order to produce you have to have your equipment running at peak performance and meet regulatory requirements, so that may been equipment may need to be shutdown. Operations’ roles in shutdown scheduling is important for keeping the shutdown on time, and operations’ schedule needs to be integrated with maintenance.

Shutdown scheduling phase – what is it

Shutdown/Turnaround Optimization process has 6 phases, these phases give structure to the process ensuring that the shutdowns are performed efficiently and safely with the right work being done and within the budget.

The six phases are:

  1. Strategy Phase. Learn about shutdown drivers
  2. Worklist Phase
  3. Planning Phase
  4. Scheduling Phase
  5. Execution Phase
  6. Critique Phase

Learn more about the phases of shutdown and turnaround management.

In the shutdown scheduling phase, each department or area will develop their own schedule. These schedules are then integrated into a master schedule incorporating all departments and areas.

Shutdown scheduling requires both operations and maintenance to communicate and participate in the schedule development. All work is scheduled using 100% of available resources.

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