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Tradition Meets Innovation – Hydro’s Growth and Pursuits


Tradition Meets Innovation – Hydro’s Growth and Pursuits

In this interview, Bekah talks with Robert McCowan from Hydro, Inc. about upcoming industry events and how they are supporting those sectors. They discuss Hydro’s efforts in integrating digital technologies into refinery operations, highlighting the transformative impact on operational efficiency and sustainability. As the discussion unfolded, they dug into the evolving landscape of the water industry, emphasizing Hydro’s strategic approach towards adaptation and innovation.

Robert McCowan serves as the Strategic Accounts and Business Development Manager at Hydro, leveraging his decade-long expertise in sales focused on industrial systems and reliability practices. A Florida native and proud father, Robert holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida. After college, Robert served in the US Navy as a commissioned officer before turning his passion back to mechanical engineering which resonates in both his professional and personal pursuits.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys golfing, weightlifting, and hiking. His youth was marked by active participation in the Boy Scouts, culminating in the achievement of Eagle Scout rank, fostering a deep-seated passion for the outdoors and community engagement. This commitment to community and nature underpins his character and garners respect in the industry. His early career achievements are attributed to his proficiency in developing new business, executing growth strategies, and fostering strategic accounts, facilitated by his strong network built on relationship-centric principles.

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