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Hydraulic Institute Expands On-Demand Training Resources

Industry News
Hydraulic Institute Expands On-Demand Training Resources

Hydraulic Institute Expands On-Demand Training Resources

Training modules provide introduction and fundamental training for pumps and systems.

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) announces the availability of its two new on-demand training products developed with its educational subsidiary, Pump Systems Matter (PSM). These on-demand training products are designed to support the pump and fluid handling industry with convenient workforce development and onboarding resources. New employees can start with the introductory modules which are broadly applicable, and when ready they can take the more in-depth, fundamental sessions that cover pump and system design and operation more broadly.

The Introduction to Pump Fundamentals is an on-demand workforce development training resource applicable to anyone with interest in the industry and is a starting resource for onboarding of new employees in sales, marketing, engineering, technicians, and operations. The six (6) modules cover pumps, drivers, fluid properties, system and pump curves, basic operating theory, and pump selection and data. The training sessions have been designed to offer a convenient learning solution that can seamlessly integrate into companywide onboarding and training programs. The 10-minute training modules include 3D graphics and animations that visualize how pump systems are constructed and operate. Following each module, quizzes are integrated to confirm understanding.Introduction to Pump Fundamentals is offered at no cost as a membership benefit for Hydraulic Institute Members and Corporate Partners.

The thirteen (13) Pump and Systems Fundamentals Training on-demand sessions provide a next level fundamental understanding of all aspects of the system, pump, components, and operation, which is specifically designed for pump manufacturers, sales reps, system designers, consultants and end users of pumps and systems. Employees can take individual sessions or complete the full learning path to meet their training needs. Each of the thirteen 1-hour training sessions are divided into concise training modules for convenient learning, and integrated quizzes are included after each module to verify comprehension. From calculating system head and NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) to factors that affect reliability, pump selection and everything in between, these sessions provide the understanding of pump and system design and operation that enable the workforce to provide solutions.

“Workforce development is a critical need for the pump and fluid handling industry. As new employees rise to replace the ageing workforce, we have seen that a basic understanding of pumps is missing. It’s vital that education and training resources be available in the marketplace. These new modules will provide an important first step and pave a much-needed, continuous learning path that can easily be adopted into an on-boarding requirement or employee development strategy. Developed for the industry in a product-neutral manner, these courses can be used by manufacturers distributors, engineering firms and end-users alike to establish a common baseline and understanding.” said Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute.

Offered individually or as a bundle, these new on-demand training modules provide a learning path that can be customized based on the interest and skill level of each participant.

About the Hydraulic Institute (HI)
Founded in 1917, the Hydraulic Institute (HI) is the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America. The global authority on pumps and pump systems, HI develops standards and technical resources including application guidebooks, on-line tools, and calculators. In addition to collecting statistical data and providing a forum for the industry, HI manages efficiency programs which stem from its advocacy work with the US Department of Energy. While theHI Energy Rating label is founded on efficient equipment and the Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification designates individuals; both programs promote the efficient use of pumps and pumping systems. The Institute’s educational subsidiary, Pump Systems Matter (PSM), provides product neutral training on energy efficiency, reliability, and effective applications of pump systems through an extensive catalog of live, virtual, and on-demand courses and webinars.

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