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Hydra-Cell / Wanner Engineering Reduces Maintenance Costs in Metering Application

Hydra-Cell® Reduces Maintenance Costs in Metering Application

Hydra-Cell / Wanner Engineering Reduces Maintenance Costs in Metering Application

A manufacturer of decorative internal acoustic mats for commercial vehicles used six piston pumps to spray a titanium dioxide-filled polyol ink. This colorant is highly abrasive and caused internal wear to the piston pumps. Each pump needed servicing at USD $3,100 per pump twice every year. Total annual maintenance and repair costs were USD $37,200.

Hydra-Cell® Reduces Maintenance Costs in Metering Application

Pump Model: P500MSGSSD10H
Flow Capacity: 0.37–1.08 gpm (1.4–4.1 l/min)
Pressure Rating: 1740 psi (120 bar)
Application: Spraying abrasive colorants for vehicle mat production

The company needed only three Hydra-Cell P500 metering pumps to replace the flow requirements of the six piston pumps, saving valuable floor space. With no dynamic seals and no tight tolerances, the Hydra-Cell models do not require such extensive maintenance to spray an abrasive ink effectively and reliably.

The P500 also features a hydraulically balanced, multiple diaphragm design that provides smooth, linear, virtually pulse-free flow without the need for an expensive pulsation dampener.

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