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Hermetically Sealed & Cost-Effective: Innovative Upgrade for NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps

Hermetically Sealed & Cost-Effective Innovative Upgrade for the Proven NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps

Hermetically Sealed & Cost-Effective: Innovative Upgrade for NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps

By: Netzsch

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems, the global specialist in handling complex media, is pleased to launch the latest innovation in its product line: The NEMO® MY magnetically coupled pump. This upgrade of the proven NEMO® progressing cavity pumps represents a breakthrough in pump technology.

It was specially developed for more efficient and safer handling of media with high viscosities, such as slurries. However, using the NEMO® MY not only means pumping safely but also increases the efficiency of your system.

Maintenance friendly NEMO® MY increases efficiency and safety

Thanks to a magnetic coupling specially developed by NETZSCH tailored to the requirements of progressing cavity pumps, the NEMO® MY pump can be operated at low speeds of 200 to 300 revolutions per minute. This means a significant reduction in the mechanical load and an extension of the service life of the drive system. Another unique feature of the magnetically coupled pump is its complete hermetic seal. This prevents the escape of hazardous liquids or gases. However, this feature guarantees you a safer working environment and contributes to significant cost savings, as no maintenance of sealing systems is required, and risks from leaks are minimized. “With the upgrade of our NEMO® progressing cavity pump, you can look forward to a real highlight. Cost-intensive mechanical seals or other sealing systems are now a thing of the past”, says Roger Willis, Global Business Field Manager Chemical, Pulp & Paper.

Hermetically Sealed & Cost-Effective Innovative Upgrade for the Proven NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps

The magnetic coupling ensures a hermetically sealed pump, guaranteeing no air enters the medium.

ATEX-compliant magnetically coupled pump for high viscosities

The innovative magnetically coupled pump from NETZSCH allows you to pump highly viscous media up to 20,000 cps, an application previously inaccessible to magnetically coupled pumps. The NEMO® MY pump is also suitable for applications that require the ATEX standard, making it a versatile solution for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The pump is ideally suited for pumping aggressive, toxic and abrasive liquids. Compared to traditional pumps with a mechanical seal or other sealing system, the upgrade of the NEMO® offers significant cost advantages. The magnetically coupled pump does not require any external services. Costs for providing pressurised gas, sealing liquid or electrical connections for pressure and level switches are eliminated.

NETZSCH promises you Proven Excellence – outstanding performance in all areas. The NEMO®, MY magnetically coupled pump from NETZSCH, results from 70 years of experience in developing, producing and selling positive displacement pumps and concentrated innovative strength.

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