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Hayward Gordon ULC, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc., and EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation Announce Amalgamation and New Corporate Names

Hayward Gordon
Hayward Gordon ULC, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc., and EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation Announce Amalgamation and New Corporate Names

Hayward Gordon ULC, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc., and EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation Announce Amalgamation and New Corporate Names

Hayward Gordon ULC, a leader in industrial pumps and mixers, and EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation, a leader in standard pumps, are pleased to announce their strategic amalgamation to form EBARA HG ULC. In addition, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc., a leader in stainless-steel sanitary mixers, is changing its name to EBARA Mixers Inc. These changes will strengthen market position, streamline corporate structure, and enhance support for our valued customers.

Effective June 30, 2024, the changes represent a significant milestone for all companies. The newly renamed entities, EBARA HG ULC and EBARA Mixers Inc. will combine the strengths, expertise, and resources of Hayward Gordon ULC, Scott Turbon Mixer Inc., and EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation, providing enhanced value and innovative solutions to our clients.

EBARA HG ULC, registered in Canada, will offer the Hayward Gordon brand of pumps and mixers, Sharpe Mixers (V-series), and EBARA Pumps Canada’s standard pumps. EBARA Mixers Inc. registered in the USA, will provide sanitary mixers under the Scott Mixers brand (formerly known as Scott Turbon Mixer) and industrial and portable mixers under the Sharpe Mixers brand. The EBARA, Hayward Gordon, Sharpe Mixers, and Scott Mixers brands will continue to be actively and proudly promoted.

“We are excited to join forces with EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation to create EBARA HG ULC,” said Yusuke Nagatani, President and CEO of EBARA HG ULC. “Our combined capabilities and resources will enable us to leverage our comprehensive expertise to provide greater value to our customers. Additionally, our new company name for our mixers business, EBARA Mixers Inc, will enable greater recognition of our mixers brand globally under the EBARA Group umbrella.”

Brahim Arnout, Chief Operating Officer of EBARA HG ULC and former President of EBARA Pumps Canada Corporation, added, “This merger marks the beginning of a new chapter of enhanced cooperation. As EBARA HG ULC, we will be strategically positioned to innovate and lead in the industrial pumps and mixers market.”

The amalgamation and renaming of the legal entities will also see the launch of new logos, a new visual identity, and a redesigned website. With these changes, we assure our clients and stakeholders that all current products, services and client relationships will continue seamlessly.

For more information about the amalgamation and our new corporate structure, please visit or contact Sabrina Bladon, Vice President of Marketing at EBARA HG ULC.


EBARA HG ULC, a proud member of the EBARA Group, brings together three industry-leading brands in the pump and mixer markets:Hayward Gordon, EBARA Pumps, and Sharpe Mixers. The company is a leader in solids handling pumps and mixers tailored for water and wastewater treatment and caters to the global mining sector for high-quality, harsh-duty mixers and pumps. Additionally, it offers one of the most extensive lines of industrial pumps in North America. EBARA HG ULC operates two manufacturing facilities in Canada, Halton Hills, Ontario, and Aurora, Ontario, where it continues to set leading industry standards in quality and performance.

About EBARA Mixers Inc.

EBARA Mixers Inc., a division of the EBARA Group, encompasses two industry-leading brands in the sanitary and industrial mixers markets:Scott Mixers and Sharpe Mixers. As a leader in providing one of North America’s most extensive lines of mixers in various industries, including food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, paints and pigments, EBARA Mixers Inc. is dedicated to innovation and excellence. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Adelanto, California, USA, signifies its commitment to quality and performance in producing top-tier mixing solutions.

About EBARA Corporation

EBARA Corporation was established in 1912, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Today, it has over 100 operations worldwide and more than 19,000 employees. It is one of the world’s leading producers of pumps, compressors, fans, gas turbines, chillers, and semiconductor equipment for the industrial, energy, infrastructure, and environmental sectors.

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