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How-To Grundfos Apps

How-To Grundfos Apps (1)

How-To Grundfos Apps

By: Grundfos

Grundfos has always taken pride in creating quality products and services that fulfill a need. For instance, making an installation project easier, integrating Bluetooth technology in our products for easier access, or facilitating the sizing of a new renewable solar pump. These are all solutions to real problems, which is why we have created tools to make every experience better.

To increase the productivity of installers, well drillers, operation managers, and other related groups, Grundfos has created a series of apps that help speed up the installation process and maintain information on various projects and systems. The three major apps are: GO Solar, GO Remote, and WellConnect.

The GO Solar app allows you to size solar pumps in three different ways: availability, number of solar panels, and application specifications to ensure it is the correct Grundfos solar pump solution.

How-To Grundfos Apps (1)Learn more about the GO Solar app here:

The GO Remote app can be used with Bluetooth-enabled Grundfos products, allowing for remote control use. The app also assists with product selection and displays product information.

How-To Grundfos Apps (1)Learn more about the GO Remote app here:

WellConnect is specifically made for well drillers and pump installers, allowing them to record customer info, build and maintain well-drilling records, and log project information on- site, on the road, or in the office.

Learn more about WellConnect here:

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