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Grundfos Announces New UPSe and Digital ALPHA Circulators

Grundfos Announces New UPSe and Digital ALPHA Circulators

Grundfos Announces New UPSe and Digital ALPHA Circulators

By: Grundfos

New pumps take U.S. residential heating to a new level of sophistication with the ability to replace 90% of installed circulators in the small circulator range.

Grundfos, the world’s largest pump manufacturer, is proud to announce the next generation of small circulators for the residential heating market with the introduction of the Grundfos Digital NEXT range — starting with the UPSe 15-58 in late 2022, followed by the release of the new, digital ALPHA 15-58 in early 2023. Both circulators have been rated with the highest Energy Rating in the market at 193, revolutionizing the market by delivering enhanced efficiency and performance and offering the highest wire-to-water efficiency available today.

“To ensure our customers are ready for whatever comes next, Grundfos is transforming the future of circulator pumps with the Digital NEXT range,” said Chris Skeen, Grundfos Product Management Director, Small Circulators. “We’ve added powerful features. The Grundfos UPSe and ALPHA both provide automatic self-venting, dry-run protection, robust startup, and improved wiring. The new ALPHA comes with enhanced AUTOADAPT, guided setup, firmware updates, and the ability to replace 90 percent of pumps in this performance space, making it the only residential heating pump needed on the service truck. ”

Grundfos Announces New UPSe and Digital ALPHA CirculatorsMain features of the UPSe and new ALPHA:
• Best-in-class Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating in the market: 193
• Improved wiring for easier installation with a toolless power connector
• Automatic self-venting eliminates the risk of air in the pump
• Robust startup
• Dry-run protection
• Troubleshooting aid with alarm and warning lights

Grundfos Announces New UPSe and Digital ALPHA CirculatorsThe ALPHA pump also includes:
• Bluetooth connectivity and a touch-screen interface
• Guided setup for energy savings while maintaining comfort
• Firmware updates
• Improved AUTOADAPT for faster setup and improved energy efficiency
• Min, max, and constant flow settings for faster setup
• Improved system air venting for faster setup
• Display showing flow, power, and head for faster troubleshooting
• Trend data and event log for faster and easier system troubleshooting

“Innovation and sustainability have always been vital to the Grundfos ethos. As the global industry leader, we are driven to deliver value and impact to the markets we serve,” said Omar Bulnes, Grundfos Senior Regional Sales Director for the Americas, Domestic Buildings Division. “The rich features and benefits of the new UPSe and digital ALPHA — including the highest energy rating in the market today — exemplify our commitment to adding value and comfort to our customers’ lives.”

For more information about the Grundfos UPSe and ALPHA, visit

About Grundfos
Founded in 1945, Grundfos is a global water technology leader headquartered in Bjerringbro, Denmark, represented by more than 80 companies in over 55 countries. To complement its international presence, Grundfos has 19,000 dedicated employees worldwide, with 1,900 staffed across the Americas, who are committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people. For more information, visit

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