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Europump supports the “Making it Happen for Water” project

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Europump supports the “Making it Happen for Water” project

“We have decided to support the Orgalime Bridgehead project “Making it Happen for Water” says Dr Sönke Brodersen, Europump President. “We know that water and pumps are natural partners and think that this link should be made obvious to EU decision-makers. Water is a key resource for society and the economy and the European Pump Industry has a major role to play in this area. As a Platform open to associations and companies, it will be an excellent tool to ensure that the equipment supply industry is included on the Brussels water agenda.”

“Making it Happen for Water” is a Platform (

) for companies and associations in the equipment supply industry to showcase their solutions to the water challenges. It is a three-tier solution:

  • A dedicated “Grass Roots” Platform representing its members at EU level in breakfast meetings at the European Parliament, stakeholder meetings at the European Commission, one-to-one meetings with key MEPs, and other relevant sessions (e.g. Green Week 2012 on water).
  • A common Platform creating, where required and in liaison with Orgalime, common positions on legislative issues.
  • An online Platform to demonstrate the equipment supply industry’s solutions to the water challenges. For each identified water challenge, information will be provided on appropriate technical solutions provided by the associations and using case studies from companies.

The EU has nominated 2012 as the “Year of Water”. This reflects increasing concerns about the scarcity of drinking water, high levels of leakage in public water supply networks and irrigation; water wastage in households, commercial buildings and industry, and the volume of wastewater which remains untreated. New legislation targeted at conserving and treating water is inevitable. In fact, there are at least 18 laws targeted at the water supply sector and some are being revised. It is important therefore that the pump industry engages actively with the legislators and regulators during the framing of this legislation. This will help ensure the new laws are appropriate, effective and do not place an unnecessary burden on us.

To assist in developing the dialogue with the EU, Orgalime Bridgehead, the Services to Sectors Department of Orgalime, is creating a “Making it Happen for Water” Platform. With its unrivalled “inside knowledge” and contacts at all levels of the EU Commission, Council and Parliament, Orgalime Bridgehead can help promote and foster contacts between the EU and the water supply sector and its trade associations whilst ensuring the best interests of the sector are protected.

About Europump : Europump, the European Association of Pump Manufacturers, was established in 1960. It represents 18 National Associations in 15 EU Member States, Turkey, Russia & Switzerland. Europump members represent more than 450 companies with a collective production worth more than €10 billion and employing 100,000 people in Europe. The ever improving performance of liquid pumps increases the productivity of end user sectors and contributes to competitiveness and growth. Pump manufacturing is a growing and SME-driven sector. With almost half of all world exports and 40% of major patent applications, the Western European pump industry is the economic, commercial and technological leader. Euroump’s ID in the Commission Register of Interest representatives is: 07655452075-36

About Orgalime Bridgehead: Orgalime Bridgehead is the department of Orgalime, the European engineering industries association that services individual associations in their lobbying, advocacy and management activities. Orgalime Bridgehead offers a wide range of services to associations active in the electrical, mechanical and metal industries. Reliability, long-term vision and representation are the three pillars on which Orgalime has based its success.

About the “Making it Happen for Water” Platform: The Platform is the best way to increase awareness among EU decision-makers of the abilities and commitment of the equipment supply industry to address the water challenge. The Platform is targeted at EU legislators. 

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