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From Empowering Pumps to Empowering Brands and Beyond


Since I founded Empowering Pumps 5 years ago, our mission has been to help Connect, Inform, and Educate process industry professionals – it’s the road map we follow each day to motivate our team, drive thought leadership, and help create future leaders in the industry we love. Providing ways for clients and industry professionals to share and research technical information relating to their products, services, and best practices relating to improved reliability, safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance. But this has not just been a one way effort; over the past few years my team has also been listening and learning from our clients and audiences. This has led to numerous changes in the way we tailor our programs and campaigns to broaden our clients reach and access new and more diverse audiences with a deeper industry knowledge. Starting with Empowering Pumps and then adding Empowering Valves in 2013, we have been very successful in following through on our company’s mission. So what’s next you may well ask?

who-we-areWell many of you may have noticed something new last time you visited your absolutely favorite Empowering Pumps or Empowering Valves web site? We recently took a major step forward in the way we look at our business and decided to launch Empowering Brands as the overriding brand for our business. The decision to introduce this new approach was not taken lightly, especially as we have a tremendous following and respect for Empowering Pumps, but we realized that both our clients and reader audience were looking for different information and asking for access to specific markets that we were just not able to provide under the pump platform. So Empowering Brands was born! This new approach lets us more easily reach and connect to new audiences, AND more importantly, provide technical information across all our platforms which will drastically broaden our audience reach. The fact we can tailor specific campaigns that enable our clients and Industry Pros to directly speak to industry professionals focused on Pumps, Valves, Compressors, and Motors [Q1 2017] is something we have dreamed of doing for many years – and now it’s here – happy dance!

So what does all of this mean? Well, it starts with a new look for my company as we felt it was important to mark this occasion with a splash; I hope you like the new logo.  It keeps us firmly positioned as the industry leader for digital media supporting the process industries. We released additional services to increase our flexibility and responsiveness.

Empowering Brands Media Kit 2017
Empowering Brands Media Kit 2016/2017

This week we released our 2016/2017 Media Kit which includes details of our 2017 market specific campaigns – focusing on key industry topics and events and a company information pack to help new clients and visitors to our Empowering Brands platforms better understands just who we are, what we do, and what to expect from my amazing team.

If you haven’t already seen these new items, I invite you to click the images to the right and browse the new content. Also, if you have an interest in becoming a partner or even taking the step to become an Industry Pro on one of our new or existing platforms, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I would love to discuss this in more detail and help get you and/or your technical content on one of our platforms.


  1. Great blog post Charli!
    You were a great partner to my marketing organization when I was at Chesterton and it’s been fabulous to watch Empowering Pumps grow as the industry leader. I think this next step on your journey is important as it extends your companies value into new markets and audiences, many of which are starved of technical information and research materials. i’m looking forward to see how this rolls out over the coming months!

    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Ian! It’s an exciting time around here for sure! Fall is always a time for reflection and strategic planning for the year ahead. Looking forward to a great Q4 and 2017 for all!


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