Eliminate Corrosion Forever!

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Eliminate Corrosion Forever!

There are three Major Components that Shorten Impeller Lifetime:

  1. Corrosion Resistance.  Inefficiency, pump overhauls, pump repairs, and the mean time between failures are all substantially influenced by corrosion when pumping corrosive fluids.  Especially in sea water, sewage and waste water, corrosion is the number one cause of pump failure.  


  • This is why Simsite® Products are in such demand – they NEVER corrode in sea water, sewage, waste water, and chlorinated water,   and they do not support galvanic corrosion, or electrolysis!
    1. Damage from Corrosion, Erosion, and Cavitation quickly destroys the Metallic Pump, Impeller & Rings and Pump Parts, which drives up costs and expenses.
  1. Vibration and Balance. Rotor dynamics play a very important part in all rotating equipment.  The lower the vibration, the longer the life of the bearings, rings, sleeves, and seals.  Imbalance, both mechanical and hydraulic directly influence vibration which has a direct impact on the life of the pump or rotating equipment.  
    1. The upgrade to Simsite® Impellers insures that this potential problem is eliminated, because the Simsite® Impellers are 100% machined on the outside as well as the inside insuring that all the vane passages are equally spaced and a hydraulic imbalance does not occur because one vane passage geometry is different from another.    Simsite® Impellers are also 6 times lighter than bronze or stainless steel impellers which further reduces shaft deflection and vibration, and start-up load.



  1. Efficiency.  Efficiency is directly proportional to energy savings.  The higher the operating efficiency, the greater the energy savings!  The efficiency that is important in the calculation of costs is not the design efficiency of the pump, but rather, the efficiency rating at the Operating Point of the Pump in the system! For example, a pump may have design rating of 80% efficiency, but in actual operation the pump is operating at 65% efficiency, because the pump is not operating at the BEP (Best Efficiency Point) either because the pump was not a good match for the system, or because the system requirements changed, or because there was a degradation of the pump as a result of corrosion, erosion, and/or cavitation.
    1. The upgrade to Simsite® Impellers and/or pumps guarantees that your pump will operate at maximum efficiency.   SIMS PUMP designs and re-engineers the impellers so that the operating point in the system will be the BEP (Best Efficiency Point)
    1. Since the Simsite® Impellers do not corrode, there is no degradation of the pump performance or efficiency in a corrosive environment such as sea water.  Also, Simsite® Impellers & Simsite® Casing Rings run with Simsitecloser clearances in operation, this allows less leakage through the rings which increases efficiency.


  • Simsite® Structural Composite Impellers and Pumps are designed and engineered specifically for the required operating point in the plant, or vessel.   


Premium efficiency
Simsite® Structural Composite pumps like the one seen in the picture to the left are designed and engineered to keep the overall sizes at a minimum to fit into confined spaces and minimize piping modifications while maintaining, or exceeding, the pump performance and increasing pump efficiency and longevity.


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  1. abhijeet says:

    I am a Pump Design Engineer working in India. I have one question regarding balancing of Rotor in case of Simsite impellers. While checking the balancing of the Rotor, if little imbalance is there then, from where and how the material shall be removed/added?
    Second question is,Is the Simsite material conductive?

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